May 2017 Recap

The truth, and nothing but the truth! Let’s begin with some numbers. They might tell you more than my following whining words.   Winnings: -277.48$ Winnings EV Adjusted : -157.28$ Hands total: 86,843 Winrate: -4,45b/100 (NL5 only) Winning Days: 12 Losing Days: 17 Bankroll: 152.63$ May taught me a lot of things. It taught me … More May 2017 Recap

April 2017 Recap

April was largly determined by us moving. So first let me tell you how sorry I am for not writing the promised strategical article during April. But I barly found time to grind nor for learning. It was just more important to keep grinding as much as possible. But good news is the stressful time … More April 2017 Recap

March 2017 Recap

And welcome to my March 2017 Recap! First quarter of the year is done and dusted. The summer breeze smells great already! It’s getting warmer outside every single day. Good times ahead! March was really really stressful for me. (in a positive way) My girlfriend and I decided to move to a new flat not … More March 2017 Recap

February 2017 Recap

February 2017 is history! And what a month it was! It had his great Moments but also timeframes where nothing at all seemed to work (started by an encounter with Darth Vader)! I had to fight tilt and motivation problems and mess with a new Playerpool. Let’s Sum it up with a few graphs and … More February 2017 Recap

The Dark Sides of Poker, Tilt & Demotivation! Another attempt to fix the bad_habits!

Efforts in Poker At the tables for at least 30 hours a week During breaks, in between two Session,¬† posting difficult Spots in Practise-Group-Chat/Forum/Coach Posting¬† opinions on Situations others had to face Read specific Articles to improve for another 5 to 10 hours every single week Receive coaching for one Hour per week which targets … More The Dark Sides of Poker, Tilt & Demotivation! Another attempt to fix the bad_habits!