The Importance of Rakeback in Online Poker 2020

As I am in the middle of my Las Vegas preparations and don’t have anything to show for my monthly recap I picked up a rather unfamiliar and underrated topic to write about. I hope this is a decent replacement for the January Recap!

Take this with a grain of salt, this is my personal opinion!

It’s not a big secret that the online poker fields are globally getting tougher slowly but steady for years now already. There for sure are still some nice games to be found especially in the asian regions, but in general the trend is downwards.
Yet, instead of throwing in the towel, the guys who are taking poker seriously just have to follow a smarter approach than they had to do a decade ago.

well you for sure can drop that towel!

Not only do regulars have to study the game harder and strenghten their mental inhibitions more than before.
It’s also of utter importance to get a proper rakebackdeal and not just hand over hundreds or even thousands of dollars to “parasites” within the poker environment every single month. Quite often the people don’t even know how much money they are losing!

Those parasites, most of the times some breakeven twitch-streamers (even some former poker-stars that turned into one of them), have their streaming-channels “designed” with all kind of different shiny banners leading you to a variety of pokersites.
Whenever someone clicks on one of those banners and later on (even quite some time later) creates an account on that pokerwebsite they are bound (tracked) to that streamer all their life and whenever they rake in some money the twitch streamer profits from it, FOREVER!

Maybe some people make it on prupose, as they want to support their “idols”. But they always should have in mind, that whenever they do this and they rake in money on that pokersite they actually lose money even though Rakeback is one of the few things they can control in todays poker environment.

Wouldn’t it be far more healthy and within the own control to just seek out the best rakebackdeal one can get their hands on and then make a donation (our own decision!) to the favorite streamer/blogger/vlogger?
Like this the “idols” can still get sufficient support and always receive the ammount people think is “correct” for their “services”(wether it’s entertainment or poker knowledge). People wouldn’t just lose small fortunes simply by playing poker over the years without even noticing.
(whether it’s less losses or more profit doesn’t really matter)

Some parasites even make it sound appealing like “you get acess to xxx freeroll, get 5% extra rakeback after generating 500$ rake”etc, but compared to what real rakebacksites got to offer this only can be considered as some kind of scam. A scam they are trying to make sound like it’s good deal, even like they are doing you a favor.

Even what big poker stables got to offer in that category is just not sufficient from what I can tell. Apparently they all want to earn some extra money on the side as it seems.

One of the few things within our control

Most people might not understand what I mean by “rakeback – one of the few things within our control” so I will try to explain it.

The winrates, whether they are EV or true winrates (CEV; $EV; bb/100; evbb/100 etc.) are getting smaller, maybe not very fast, but definetly slowly and steady. Huge winrates like 15+bb/100, which were regularly seen over huge samples 10 years ago, are just not a thing anymore. In the modern days of onlinepoker people are already great players if they achieve 7bb/100, and even those 7bb/100 will decrease in the future.
With winrates getting smaller the swings we have to face are getting bigger and long term is going to be longer than it was before.
Maybe we are not at that point yet (in my eyes we are) where we can not really rely on the incomies we make every single months from poker as its too swing dependent and therefore we need huge money depots (bankrolls) to cover all those swings (in some games more than in others for sure)

But you know what can come in handy in this case? Rakeback!

Rakeback is one of the very few things within our short-term control. Rakeback only relies on volume (and a little bit on gamestyle). If I plan to play 3k Tournaments or 50k hands a month I will be able to calculate my $ in rakeback if I know what kind of rakeback deal I have.
I can get that amount of $ Rakeback in January same as I can get it in February, all I have to do is to play the same Volume.

Therefore Rakeback is a huge must have for every player that takes the game seriously. Stop throwing away one of the few things in modern Poker that you can calculate and is within your Control!

don’t flush your money down the toilet!

How to get a good Rakeback-Deal

There are plenty of Rakeback-sites out there that have quite nice things to offer. For sure it is always still a business but you can look at it this way: They do the work to contact the pokersites, work out a deal with them and offer that deal, minus small profits, to the community.
One might think, that everyone could contact the pokersites on their own and work out an even better deal, but that’s just not going to happen! We need those companies to do the negotiating for us!

As you might know I partnered up with to change the world to a better place šŸ™‚

I made the decision towards them, because I personally think that they just offer the best deals in the business and in general only work with reliable, legit sites without personal greed!

Possible Pokerdeals

As a lot of people don’t know what is possible rakeback-wise I will write some basic guidlines and deals down here.

If you already have a registered account at any platform you plan to play on in future you can still contact They can try to retrack your account under their affiliation so you can still benefit from their offer!


  • 10-15% Rakeback additionally to the weekly cashback program (if a player receives more than 40% RB from Partypoker the deal will be adjusted a little)
  • 500$ 100% exclusive Welcome Bonus (12,5% Rakeback) (usually Partypoker & bwin don’t offer Welcome Boni anymore, only for YPD members)
  • Partypoker YPD 241$ Bankroll Booster Tournament for just 1$ Buyin every 2nd week (free money for now! huge value especially for low-stakes player, more to it later)

GG Poker Network

In all Clients of the GG Poker Network you have access to the Fish buffet and common First Deposit Boni as well as the GG Network promotions


  • 60-65% Flat Rakback
  • 100$ YPD Freeroll every 2 weeks

GG Poker

  • 35-42.5% Net Rakeback on the top


  • 35-40% Net Rakeback on the top


  • 30% Net Rakeback on the top
  • YPD Rake Chase (roughty 10% Rakeback)


  • 30% Flat Rakeback
  • Rake Chase (up to 17.5% additional Rakeback)
  • Weekly 25ā‚¬ YPD Freeroll

WPN (all clients)

  • 10-15% Rakeback on the top

Free money in Freerolls/Tournaments

Especially the Freerolls/Tournaments from have alot of value as not a lot of people sign up.

In the last YourPokerDream Bankroll Booster Tournament all you had to do was sign up for 1$ and you would receive a 22$ Ticket for free as only 4 players signed up! 4 People with 22$ save fought for a 109$ Ticket!

get your free 22$/109$ Ticket this time!

another great freeroll where 50% (5/10) of the players got a 20$ Ticket last time is the YPD Special on BestPoker which runs every 2nd week. Here is the lobby from the last last time played

Final Statement

Stop being a lazy bum, get your free MTT-Tickets and a great rakeback deal instead šŸ™‚

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