December 2019 Recap: The end of an era

Merry Christmas

I started super motivated into December and had the month layed out in my head already: planned interview with High Stakes crusher, plenty of grinding, plenty of studying.
I was in a comfortable spot: Almost out of Make-Up, a new PC that finally can handle a HUD smootly and my game just had reached a new high peak.

But from one moment to another all of that motivation was lost. Even worse, I basically got into a rather bad mood whenever I was thinking about Spin & Goes.

The reasons for this is that Pokerstars raised the rake by 1% on my mainstake (60s/50s) while decreasing the time per blindlevel in Spin & Goes.
I went into detail on a forumpost so I won’t bother to get into details on in here and will just sum it up super short:
This basically means that regulars won’t be able to create as many chips per game against recreationals as they could create before.

After that day I did not spin a single game anymore. But like that changes wouldn’t be enough, just 2 weeks later they raised the rake once more for another 1% as they made the 50s stake a promotional spin. I was about to end my spin career anways after the first change, but this just made the final decision a lot easier for me.

You might think since I’m playing Expressos on Winamax, that this is not going to effect me and while this is partially true, a change like that is for the worse of all the spin and go formats/platforms as other pools will dry. And usually most of the other rooms just will raise the rake a few months after Pokerstars does.

So yeah, this post will be the last post about Spins / Expressos on here. My contract is frozen and I will go into a different direction from now on.

It was a great journey and I don’t regret many things.
I’ve met many friends within the Spin & Go community that I wouldn’t want to miss anymore at this point. Actually I’m not going to be alone on my next chapter, as my study-partner is in the same boat. This will make everything just so much easier!!

Another positive thing is, that my mindset and my general poker knowledge is on a very high standard now which means I probably can be sucessful in whatever format I choose in a rather short time. But what is up next?

For now I’m going to enjoy christmas and the vacation time.

Recharging the battery with my family and friends, trying to get some distance to the game and get mentally prepared for the next chapter of my poker career.

Starting in January I will give PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) a shot.
I’m going to studying the game and play some micros.
I had to decide between MTTs and PLO as I preceive this games to have a bright future in the online poker universe.
I’m confident that I could beat Mid-Stakes MTTs from the go without putting in too much effort, yet I made the decision towards PLO.
I love challenges and this is something completely new for me as I didn’t play much PLO in the past. (basically only when I was a recreational -playing HORSE with friends because all the “heros” on TV played it)
I expect to be a losing player at the beginning but I should be improving rather fast.

Let’s stop to talk about the future and let’s take a look at the past.

Here are my results (2 days of playing) for December and afterwards we will take a look at the hole year 2019 as it’s coming to an end.

Stats for December

50€ Expressos

Winnings:              100.00€
€ EV: 427.08€
Tournaments total: 58
ITM: 36.21%
EV ITM: 41.10%
ChipEV / Tournament: 117
ROI: 3.45%
EV ROI: 14.73%

Total Stats while I was in Smart Spin

Tournaments total:  14376
Winnings total:       937.59€
EV Profit total:     8683.63€

2019 Summary

Some of you may not understand why I end this chapter completely and it wasn’t an easy choise to make.
I still have an unfullfilled goal in Spins and this is bugging me quite a bit.
I would want to feel the goosebumps when I hit a big multiplier.
Unfortunatelly in 35k-ish Spin & Goes / Expressos I didn’t play a single 100x multiplier or higher. But I guess I have to let it go and just move on…
Other than that I achieved everything I dreamed about as I was never attached to money anyways.

I’m somewhat emotional while typing this, as this blog post is going to end a big and important chapter in my life. It’s even ending an era… I am proud of what I achieved and just letting go isn’t an easy thing to do for me… Hard to exactly put into words what I am feeling right now.

4 thoughts on “December 2019 Recap: The end of an era

  1. I don’t understand what PS rake increase has to do with Winamax. Winamax has a fix rake on all limits 7%, this has always been this way.And should in any way affect you what PS are doing with spins.
    And for your comment about other rooms following is also not true. PS is basically copying what Winamax is doing. Not the other way around. There wouldn’t be spins if Winamax would launch expresso basically, they where the first ones.


  2. rake raises and negative game changes will effect every playerpool. I am not saying Spins cant be beaten anymore. I just don’t like them anymore. I don’t like the fraud and scam-ish industry around it. But the mainreason is that I am looking for a new challenge that is fun to me. Spin Grind just got boring yet super energy draining and that only bad news are coming from the Spin section doesn’t really help.


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