November 2019 Spin & Go / Expresso Recap

Welcome to my November 2019 Recap and I wish all of you a joyful and reflecting advent season. Happy first advent.

In November quite some stuff was happening.
Plenty of talking with my current stable and people related to it about how things could run smoother/better in the future and while not all the matters are off the table yet, I think (and hope) that we (all parties) are on the right track!
Spins aren’t my main priority at the moment anyways as everything I do right now ether targets my Vegas trip in March 2020 or just to have fun/joy!

An important thing starting in December is that I am going to interview fellow high stakes Spin & Go players (once a month) or other important persons in the poker industry, so check by in the middle of each month again to read about people I look up to.

Since November I’m bound to a very busy learning shedule now, as I’m currently working through a live Cash Game course and a Mental Game course which keeps me busy for roughly 6 hours per week until March.
I’m also playing alot of online cash games just to get in some basics knowledge, but I won’t write or publish any results as I want to keep this blog only as a Spin&Go and MTT Poker Blog.

Expresso-wise I only played the absolute minimum in November same as I probably will in December-March, too!
There are many reasons for this like Vegas (CG, learning, planning, earning BR for it), ongoing (unfinished) conversations about the future and the simple fact that the “cold months” just mean a lot of cuddeling and love ❤

For this month I only played 50€ Expressos and tested Nitro-Expressos on 10€ limit. While I think with good rakeback Nitros are quite beatable/profitable I probably won’t play them anymore in the future mainly because my Stable’s view on them changed. For example they will only count 50% Volume-wise same for promotions and towards the end of the contract.
It’s always good to work towards the end of the contract as it opens up new possibilities and when you climped up a few stakes there is plenty of room for new negotiations. $$$

Stats for November

50€ Expressos

Winnings:              750.00€
€ EV: 364.04€
Tournaments total: 317
ITM: 38.80%
EV ITM: 36.70%
ChipEV / Tournament: 50
ROI: 4.73%
EV ROI: 2.30%

10€ Nitro-Expressos

I’m not an expert, but I think this report balances the real CEV from Nitros with a multiplier that it shows how much EVchips/game someone would have under normal Expresso circumstances.

Winnings:               110.00€
€ EV:                    67.16€
Tournaments total:      201                              
ChipEV / Tournament:     56                                      

Total Stats for November

Winnings:        860.00€
€ EV:            431.20€
Tournaments: 518 Rakeback: 40.00€ Study hours: 5 Grind hours: 27.25

Total Stats since Joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:  14318
Winnings total:       837.59€
EV Profit total:     8256.55€

Vegas 2020

I’m going to be staked by my partner probably for the 230$ Buy-In Saturday Wynn No-Limit Hold’em MTT with a guarenteed prizepool of 30.000$ during my stay in Vegas. MTT might vary if there’s a better tournament by that time with a similar Buy-In.
Huge thanks to for providing that big of an opportunity to me and a big shoutout for bringing the highest rakeback deals in the poker industrie to all of us!

My buddy and me are going to give daily updates here on this blog on how we are doing in the live cash game court during our stay in Las Vegas with detailed information on how much we spend on food/hotel/everything. If you do have any questions/tips regarding Vegas don’t be shy to let us know. Maybe we find the time to get your answer during our stay.


Goals that were set for November

  • play 500 spins (done)
  • 2 study hours for Spins (done)

Goals for December

  • play 500 spins 
  • 2 study hours for Spins
  • 12 study hours for Live Cash Games
  • 12 study hours for the Mengal Game

December 2019

Roughly around 15th of December you can expect to read an interview about a fellow High Stakes Spin and go player right here on this blog. I hope my dream comes true regarding who it is going to be, but nothing is certain yet!

In the end of December/Beginning of January I’m going to write my monthly Recap (as usual) same as I’m going to be summing up the hole year 2019 in short. Only one month shy of having a hole year without a single -EV month! This would be a great achievement for me!

I’m not a big fan of social media in general, but I won’t be “advertising” new content on this blog on different discord channels anymore in future. So if you always want to be up to date ether follow this blog or follow me on twitter @bad_habit1989

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