October 2019 Spin & Go / Expresso Recap

Happy Halloween!

And welcome to my October 2019 Recap!

As it is offical: I’m a High Stakes Spin & Go player now! Doesn’t it sound beautiful? Once more!

Habit- High Stakes Poker Player!

It was a very tough journey with quite some ups and downs and an enourmous amount of work to reach it, so yeah, it obiously makes me super happy! Whatever the future brings doesn’t really matter.

It’s quite funny. 2 years ago, before I even started playing my very first Spin & Go ever, I imagined every 30$ Spin & Go player is printing money, probably even be wealthy.
Now I’m here, playing 50€/60$ Spins, not having won a single dollar from poker after 35,000 Tournaments and 2 years of time!

But let’s not be too upset about it. I fulfilled a lifegoal: reaching High Stakes in whatever format of poker. It’s done! Nothing can take it away from me anymore for the rest of my life even if I end up as a sore loser playing micro spins! I will always have a story to tell which I will be super proud and super happy about!


Scotty beam me back to planet earth please:
This month I only grinded Expressos for 8 days even though I was super motivated at the beginning of the month. Apparently something “weird” and unexpected happened which kept me from playing more (Spins). I didn’t manage to figure it out completely yet, and as long as it’s not solved I will continue to play roundabout 500 Spins / Month.

In October I played a lot of 5€ Expressos because they are easy money even with autopilot enabled and there was the “Monopoly Promotion” running which made me kinda stuck there to get some additional rakeback.

From now on the lowest limit I’m allowed to play is 10€ Expressos. My stable actually wanted me to only play 25€ and 50€ Expressos, but after a nice conversation we agreed that I’m allowed to play 10€’s, too which is great, as 10€ Expressos are quite easy money, too (EV wise)

Right now I’m focusing a lot on preparing my cash game skills to be prepared for Vegas as this trip is super important to me. Don’t get me wrong, even if I will go “busto” I will still enjoy the trip and time there, yet I would like to be able to play decent poker and it wouldn’t hurt to be winning a few bucks for once in my life!

Another new thing that happened this month is that I partnered up with yourpokerdream.com which you probably already saw on the new shiny banner on my website.
As you know, I am always giving my honest opinion about everything!
99,9% of Pokerstreamers/Bloggers/Vloggers etc. advertise Pokersites directly. Like this they get the highest revenue possible (which is kind of a scam in my eyes) while everyone using their affiliation-links get nothing in return (only the welcome bonuses and general rakeback from the sites which people would get anyways).
I don’t want to be like this and can only recommend to find the highest rakeback deals for yourself on every pokersite, as this can make the difference between a winning player and a losing player.
yourpokerdream.com is the perfect place for this and if you use my banner it’s a win-win-win situation as all 3 parties profit from it!

Stats for October

50€ Expressos

Winnings:             -600.00€
€ EV: 197.79€
Tournaments total: 118
ITM: 38.14%
EV ITM: 37.00%
ChipEV / Tournament: 56
ROI: -10.17%
EV ROI: 3.35%

25€ Expressos

Winnings:               -25.00€
€ EV:                   397.22€
Tournaments total:      135
ITM:                     39.26%
EV ITM:                  40.10%
ChipEV / Tournament:    101 
ROI:                     -0.74%
EV ROI:                  11.77%

5€ Expressos

Winnings:               480.00€
€ EV:                   259.58€
Tournaments total:      535
ITM:                     39.81%
EV ITM:                  39.30%
ChipEV / Tournament:     90
ROI:                     17.94%
EV ROI:                   9.70%

Total Stats for October

Winnings:       -145.00€
€ EV:            854,59€
Tournaments: 788 Rakeback: 585.00€ Study hours: 5 Grind hours: 35.25

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:  13800
Winnings total:       -22.41€
EV Profit total:     7825.35€


Goals that were Set for October

  • play 500 spins (done)
  • 2 study hours (done)

Goals for November

  • play 500 spins
  • 2 study hours (Spins)

4 thoughts on “October 2019 Spin & Go / Expresso Recap

  1. Another month rolled so I decided to check what’s up with the blog. Even though I was familiar with some of the things, I have to give it to you – reaching this goal of becoming a high stakes player is surely a thing of no small proportions. I am a little bit surprised it’s not a more glamorous post with celebration, hookers and cocaine but maybe it is just that we Slavic people are indeed all about looking for party reasons.
    Anyway – I am both warm and fuzzy on the inside, happy for your success as well as I am worried about this “weird and unexpected” thing. I hope it turns out for the best for you.
    Wish all the best, man. Keep it up! Hammer those Spins or Expressos or whatever they are called.

    Sincerely, your only fan haha


  2. Cochin and hookers are expensive here. Sadly they don‘t accept EV-money! So I had to celebrate it with a few positive words! 😉 thanks for your super kind words! One fan is more than most other people have! 🙂


  3. Thanks!
    The people around me perceive 60s as high stakes. If you (or others, too) have a different opinion than I am ok if you see me as midstakes player 🙂


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