Mid October MTT Recap

Not a lot to write about so I keep it short and simple!
Only important info is, that I can’t invest more money into poker for now until the Vegas trip is over, so therefor the MTT Recaps are on hold! I still love the format and it gives me great joy, but I simply can’t support it with my own money for now. The plan be the same in the future, only a little bit delayed! I will continue the MTT journey in April 2020!

Stats for the monthly period

Winnings:             -210.38$
Tournaments total:      24
Avg. Buy-In:            10.43$
ITM:                     8.33%
ROI:                   -84.01%
evbb/100 19.28
Final tables: 0
Top 3 finishes: 0
Top 1 finishes: 0
Hours played: 10.17 Bankroll: 521.00$

Stats for all MTTs

Winnings:              -477.85$
Tournaments total:      139
Avg. Buy-In:              8.14$
ITM:                     13.67%
ROI:                    -42.21%
evbb/100 18.37
Final tables: 1
Top 3 finishes: 0
Top 1 finishes: 0
Hours played: 84.52

In general super happy with my game, but same as in Spins, some people just can’t make money in poker, however they play
Stay tuned for the Spin Recap at the end of the month! Good news will await you then!

One thought on “Mid October MTT Recap

  1. Oh you, sweet poor thing. It is sad how you’re being whipped by randomness. But it at the same nice how you persevere and await your time to cash in. I really like that about you. I also hope you never quit and fulfill your poker as well as your life goals. habit fighting!


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