Mid September MTT Recap

This month I enjoyed a few poker evenings with some MTTs. Not too big of a volume to write about, but whatever! This is a journey which prioritises fun and this is exactly how I’m approaching the situation.
Sadly a lot of evening where a MTT schedule would actually fit I felt rather exhausted and didn’t want to deal with the consequences of playing until late in the night as it might interfere with the plans I had for the next day. So I prefered my passive hobby #1

chilling and relaxing!

When I was sitting at the tables I always gave it my best. I already felt a lot more comfortable than the month before. I’m improving rather fast in the field of MTTs mainly by just playing them and getting the hang on population tendencies (just from observation, not from detailed database analysis)

Stats for the monthly period

Winnings:             -102.02$
Tournaments total:      52
Avg. Buy-In:             8.11$
ITM:                    15.38%
ROI:                   -24.19%
evbb/100 20.75
Final tables: 0
Top 3 finishes: 0
Top 1 finishes: 0
Hours played: 25.72 Bankroll: 731.38$

Stats for all MTTs

Winnings:              -264.17$
Tournaments total:      114
Avg. Buy-In:              7.73$
ITM:                     14.78%
ROI:                    -30.34%
evbb/100 18.26
Final tables: 1
Top 3 finishes: 0
Top 1 finishes: 0
Hours played: 74.35

The stats for both of the MTT Recaps don’t match 100% somewhow (# tournaments same as winnings) and I don’t know exactly why, but I can just post what I can filter out of Pokertracker4 and as the differences are just a few cents and a few tournaments it’s not bugging me to much.

Once I reach a sample of 500 MTTs (hello 2020) I will add some more statistics for more detailed analysis. But as the sample is way too small for such detailed stats I will have to keep it as basic as it is for now.

Poker-wise I think I’m on a good pace. For sure I won’t be able to keep the evbb/100 that high, but as long as its double digits (in lowstakes MTTs) I’m happy and it’s only a matter of time (and volume) until I will score a decent cash.
I already made it to the phase 2 of a 22$ tournament which will be played next weekend, maybe my time to shine!
In the meanwhile there will be a lot more of…

chilling and sleeping

MTT goals set for this monthly period

  • Play 75 MTTs (failed)
  • study 5 hours (done)
  • don’t play Spin & Go ranges UTG! (meh, somewhat solved!)

MTT goals for next monthly period

  • Play 50 MTTs
  • study 3 hours
  • show ’em whos Spin-Boss in Blind battles!

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