August 2019 Spin & Go/Expresso Recap

I’m actually super happy about my volume in August as I had many many family obligations including my 30th birthday and therefore barely any days I could dedicate to grinding.

When I found the time to grind it usually looked a lot like this:

flushing down the moniez

But I gave it my best at any time and sometimes there’s just nothing one can do.
In general I’m having more fun with poker than I had for quite some time now. I’m only playing poker whenever I feel like it.
I felt some pressure to play MTTs on the weekends as I don’t really have a lot of days where a MTT schedule would fit, but I am somewhat proud that I didn’t let that pressure force me to play!
The funfactor is just the most important thing for me now, and when I only have very limited samples to write about in my blog recaps, that’s just what it is and I hope you will still enjoy them!

The money swings (well or rather consistancy in my case) usually wouldn’t effect me at all, but as I’m trying to save up a bankroll for my Vegas trip in March it would be a lie to pretend that it’s not bugging me at this point.
Being somewhat deep in makeup in my current stable is just a horrible feeling when you need to grind in 20 buyins for vegas!
But all I can do is to keep the consistancy, grind whenever I feel like it and hope for a payday soon.

Another interesting thing that happened in August was, that I reached Diamond 1 Status and therefore will get 15% of flat rakeback in the future.
This is super positive and can at least cover some of the losses in the future if the run keeps continuing.

Stats for August

25€ Expressos

Winnings:             -650.00€
€ EV: 773.71€
Tournaments total: 410
ITM: 36.83%
EV ITM: 38.50%
ChipEV / Tournament: 78
ROI: -6.34%
EV ROI: 7.55%

10€ Expressos

Winnings:              -690.00€
€ EV:                  -268.55€
Tournaments total:      528
ITM:                    34.28%
EV ITM:                 34.70%
ChipEV / Tournament:    10 
ROI:                   -13.07%
EV ROI:                 -5.09%

Total Stats for August

Winnings:      -1340.00€
€ EV:            505.16€
Tournaments: 938 Rakeback: 55.00€ Study hours: 5 Grind hours: 52.44

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:  12512
Winnings total:      -367.41€
EV Profit total:     6624.69€

Vegas 2020 + Future approach

As mentioned in the opening text of this Recap already, I’m kinda deep in the makeup at the moment and can not really plan to get additional money from Spins for my 2020 Vegas Trip. I had 12 Buyins locked up already. But as life happens I had to spend the money to buy a car so I’m able drive to my workplace every day.
Yet the plan is to pay this 12 buyins back from my jobs income.

If you are intersted in daily blogupdate from Vegas about my cashgame run and other stuff happening in vegas and want to support the project with a little financial help, feel free to check out the “how to support the blog”-tab and don’t hesitate to leave a donation.

For September me and my poker buddy (who returned to spins! yey!) gave ourselfs a challenge that both of us will not check the graphs until the month is over (or we need a reload). We both are still struggeling with the mental part of the game during times and this will help us to stay on track!

Another future approach will be to hold on the money and not give it away as freely as I did in the recent past!

taking care of my last gold-coin

Goals that were set for August

  • Maingoal: play 750 spins (done)
  • 5 study hours (done)
  • keep getting used to new job (done)

Goals for September

Maingoal: As in September I finally should be able to get back to a normal everyday life, I will plan in more hours for poker again, yet as you know I will split them between MTTs and Spins so the Goals won’t be too super high for both parts as my main objective still remains the same for quite long already: Keep the fun for poker

  • play 750 spins
  • 8 study hours (Spins)
  • get back to weightlifting (last attempt)
  • start keto diet
  • start actively learning the “mental game masterclass” course

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