Mid-Month MTT Recap

Here it is, my first monthly MTT Poker Recap!

On the 12th of July my Multi Table Tournament journey began.
I seperated a 1000$ Bankroll to start with and my plan is to apply a rather agressive BRM as I am pretty sure that my general poker knowledge should beat these limits with a rather nice winrate.
Additionally I signed in for a “masterclass” to get my MTT game going.

Due to having family stay over for 2 weekends and my current job situation I didn’t really manage to play a lot of MTTs yet. But there is no rush at all and I am happy with what I am doing.
The low volume probably will continue for a while until I add additional pokerrooms and focus more on mass-multi-tabling.
For now I am playing MTTs exclusively on pokerstars and usually while I am playing I either have a learning video running on the side or just enjoy life with a decent tv-show/stream.

Stats for July/August

Winnings:                               -162.60$
Tournaments total:                        64
Avg. Buy-In:                               7.33$
ITM:                                      14.06%
ROI:                                     -35.91%
evbb/100 16.87
Final tables: 1
Top 3 finishes: 0
Top 1 finishes: 0
Hours played: 48.63 Bankroll: 833.40$


For now I am only using evbb/100 to “track” my game. When I have managed to grind out a bigger sample I will split the evbb/100 for different stacksizes and will add evchips, too.
I will track the monthly results and the complete (total) sample in future updates.

As I don’t have any clue as to what people are intersted in, and what stats are “worthy” to use for MTTs, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

whatcha say? MTTs?

MTT goals till Mid-September

  • Play 75 MTTs
  • study 5 hours
  • don’t play Spin & Go ranges UTG!

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