July 2019 Recap

Let’s start this blogupdate with a little shocker:
On my vacations I had a lot of time to think about my approach towards poker, I just had the best month of my Spin career so it was the perfect time to make a big decision, and here it is.

I will focus more time on playing and studying multi table tournaments in the future!

This does not mean that I am giving up on Spins/Expressos, I for sure will continue to grind them same as I will continue to update this blog.
Actually it’s a good thing for the blog as I will split my recaps.

From now on I will post about my MTT career in the middle of the month (first time probably around 18th of August) and at the end of the month I will write about my Spin and Go/Expresso career (as usual).
I will try to keep it close to 50/50 between Spins and MTTs.
Probably all the weekend and one day during the week after work MTTs and the rest of the days Spins.

If you wonder why I made this decision, I did it mainly because I enjoy playing MTTs quite alot and I want to be prepared for the future.

For now Spins are still the most profitable format out there, but I don’t really like the following recent developments:

  • Partypoker banning HUDs
  • Winamax introducing Nitro Expressos
  • Pokerstars introducing 6+ Spins and adding promotional spins with higher rake like every other day

I do not think spins aren’t beatable anymore and it is still rather easy to make a good side income! Sometimes it just does feel a lot like an additional job though while mtts are so much fun to play.

mtts feel like a ferret in between roses ❤

Back to poker though, as mentioned already I went on vacations and only returned to the tables at the 17th of July, therefore the volume kinda sucks!
Here are the statistics

Stats for July

25 € Expressos

Winnings:             -475.00€
€ EV: 242.21€
Tournaments total: 233
ITM: 33.91%
EV ITM: 37.30%
ChipEV / Tournament: 60
ROI: -8.15%
EV ROI: 4.16%

10€ Expressos

Winnings:              -600.00€
€ EV:                    94.68€
Tournaments total:      408
ITM:                    33.82%
EV ITM:                 36.70%
ChipEV / Tournament:    50 
ROI:                   -14.71%
EV ROI:                  2.32%

Total Stats for July

Winnings:      -1075.00€
€ EV:            336.89€
Tournaments: 641 Rakeback: 15.00€ Study hours: 5 Grind hours: 36.38

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:  12512
Winnings total:       972.59€
EV Profit total:     6119.53€

Future plans

In August 2 different parts of my family are going to visit us and I am still adjusting to my new job, therefore I will set super low volume goals for August yet again.

me at work

Check out this blog in the middle of August for my first MTT recap!

Goals that were set for July

  • maingoal: play 500 spins (achieved)
  • 7 study hours (failed)
  • relax alot and recharge energy (achieved)
  • keep as clean of a diet as possible during vacation (achieved)
  • finish the work on the balcony (achieved)
  • get used to new job 7 study hours (in process)

Goals for August

  • maingoal: play 750 spins
  • 5 study hours
  • keep getting used to new job

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