June 2019 Recap

This grinding month ends early for me as I am going on 2 vacations for the next 2 weeks! It has been a great month with alot of ups and barly any downs.

One of the highlights was the attempt to win The Daily Expresso Challenge on Winamax.
I was 4 tabling 17:30 hours that day, which resulted in 573 Spins but sadly only was good enough for the 4th place and 35€ from the leaderboard.
During the last hour I added up to 8 tables as an attempt to save the 3rd place. But I was an easy victim for a guy 12 tabling. He overtook me rather easily.
Adding up more tables probably would’ve been more -EV so I decided to just letting him pass.

Other than that I implemented some kind of Stop-Loss feature to my daily grinding routine that should prevent me from showing up with my B- or C-game too often on the 25€ limit. While this probably isn’t the best way to approach a new Limit it still worked super well for me.
When I was playing on 10€ I usually added a table or two, to work on my multi tabling ability meanwhile.

I will sum up the month now, before I’m going to leave to collect some seashells!

Stats for June

10€ Expressos

Winnings:              640.00€
€ EV: 759.63€
Tournaments total: 1137
ITM: 37.99%
EV ITM: 38.20%
ChipEV / Tournament: 74
ROI: 5.63%
EV ROI: 6.68%

Multipliers might look odd this time as Winamax changed their multipliers during June so this month there are more different ones than usual.

25€ Expressos

Winnings:              1425.00€
€ EV:                  1263.41€
Tournaments total:      386
ITM:                    40.93%
EV ITM:                 40.50%
ChipEV / Tournament:    108
ROI:                    14.77%
EV ROI:                 13.09%

5€ Expressos (The Daily Expresso Challenge)

Winnings:              -100.00€
€ EV:                     2.40€
Tournaments total:      573
ITM:                    35.43%
EV ITM:                 35.90%
ChipEV / Tournament:    38
ROI:                    -3.49%
EV ROI:                  0.08%

Total Stats for June

Winnings:       1965.00€
€ EV:           2025.44€
Tournaments: 2096 Rakeback: 575.00€ Study hours: 30 Grind hours: 104.45

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:  11871
Winnings total:      2047.59€
EV Profit total:     5782.64€

Future Plans

Vegas 2020

Even though I was in makeup at the start of June and didn’t expect to gather additional funds any time soon I have 7.5 buyins save for the trip right at this point!

Vacation Time + New Job

Family Meetup

Yet again I am visiting my family starting tomorrow and right after that I am going to fly to Crete with my girlfriend to relax some more.
I will be back at the tables on the 15th of July, but as I’m going to start a new job right after my vacation time I probably will have to get used to the new situation and can’t spend to many hours on poker meanwhile.
So very low volume July for sure.

Goals achieved that were set for June

  • Maingoal: Stay on 25€ Spins after 500 spins (achieved)
  • play 750 spins to be eligible to take part in a coaching Program within Smart Spin (achieved)
  • 30 study hours (achieved)
  • keep the diet rolling! (achieved)
  • at least 25 days of playing poker (achieved)
  • keep on working towards getting a healthy mindset for Expressos/Spins (achieved)

Goals for July

The Maingoal for July is to play 500 spins which is the minimum one has to play within Smart Spin. I could ask for some time off the contract, which shouldnt be a big problem, but I think I can still achieve that number easily (maybe just throw in a leaderboard challenge again on the weekend?!)

  • 7 study hours
  • relax alot and recharge energy
  • keep as clean of a diet as possible during vacation
  • finish the work on the balcony
  • get used to new job

10 thoughts on “June 2019 Recap

  1. @emvit No he’s not lol. Less than 400 games means nothing. His 10s at only 74 and that too is inflated at only 1k games. His true cev at 25s is only 50+, maybe less, and it should appear in 5k games. Mark my words. Amazing how people can be so dumb. Don’t know shit about variance.Take note this person could not survive at stars 15s and blamed it promos.


  2. @bfizz11 Not sure you even understood my comment XD I hope it’s because of lack of knowledge about how smartspin’s promotion/degradation rules work, not because your own stupidity XD hahaha


  3. Hi bfizz11 faker and thanks again for another high quality comment.

    It’s nice to notice you are a frequent reader of the blog and remember all the small detailes from my past recaps.

    Highering your expectations from 40-50 to 50+ cev already within a month puts some pressure on me, but I am also honored. If you keep this pace where will your expectations be in 2 months? I will try my best to deliver!

    But please promise me one thing, I am a little worried because you remember all the details from past recaps: if I manage to achieve your future expectations within me you have to keep faking bfizz11, I wouldn’t like it if there’s a fanboy running around in the internet moaning about results of other people with a similar nickname to mine.

    While I do not mind that you are attacking me I for sure do mind if you are insulting other people who are commenting here. I am afraid I will have to delete future comments if you keep doing it


  4. Congrats, Michael for you success! Show some of your fitness progress. It would be interesting as you mention always your diet.


  5. Hey Mate,
    Stumbled across your blog on a desperate google search to find some good spin and go players and see what the grind is like, very informative blog and i quite enjoy it! long story short due to personal circumstances i am unable to work in a normal environment however i have the time and patience to grind on a computer, do you believe that with time and dedication someone could turn spin n goes into a living wage? and is this possible for someone who is terrible at math and new to poker? id welcome your honest opinion, i have sent an application to SmartSpin however im unsure they would be interested given my experience level but worth a shot!


  6. Plenty of people are making a living with spins. Yet the question should be treated individually for everyone and I don’t want to give you too light of an answer just by the few facts you stated in your comments. If you like to discuss your case a little bit deeper just send me your Skype / discord through „contact me“! Thanks for the kind words about my blog!


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