May 2019 Recap

“Hello! Congratulations on your promotion. It should be an important moment for you as playing these stakes allows you to consider starting a life as a professional poker player.”

Those are the words I was waiting for so long! They stand for the biggest achievement in my pokercareer and mean the world to me! I was shaking when I received this message.
Not many people around me knew this, but I set it as my ultimate goal for this year:
If I would not have managed to achieve it by the end of the year I would’ve stopped taking poker that seriously.

Just to be clear, I do not have any intentions of turning pro as poker will always just stay my #1 hobby!

But yeah! It’s done, I’m a $30/25€ Spin and Go Player now!

I`ve had so many downs on my way to finally being promoted from $15 to $30 limit. It’s totally worth it to always keep fighting and pushing even when you feel like everything turned against you!
Always keep your head up high!

head up high
You are doing it wrong bro! Keep your head up high!

Here is the complete sample on 10€ Expressos that got me promoted:


As you might have noticed already I’m super proud right now. Even though I don’t have as much time for poker as I had in the recent past (without last 3 months) this promotion just puts on an extra layer of motivation on top! I hope I can turn this motivation into some additional EV € and step up my game further!

Stats for May

10€ Expressos

10€ May
Winnings:              160.00€
€ EV: 477.81€
Tournaments total: 614
ITM: 39.41%
EV ITM: 38.60%
ChipEV / Tournament: 79
ROI: 2.61%
EV ROI: 7.78%
Multis 10€ May

25€ Expressos

25€ May
Winnings:              -850.00€
€ EV:                    83.35€
Tournaments total:      130
ITM:                    31.54%
EV ITM:                 36.80%
ChipEV / Tournament:    51
ROI:                   -26.15%
EV ROI:                  2.56%
25 Multis

Total Stats for May

Winnings:       -690.00€
€ EV:            561.16€
Rakeback:        120.00€
Study hours:      30
Grind hours:      43.37

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:   9775
Winnings total:        82.59€
EV Profit total:     3757.20€

Future Plans

Vegas 2020

Flight and hotel for the March Madness Vegas trip are payed. 3 Buyins are save for now but maybe I’m going to invest the money into something profitable shortterm, not sure yet.

Pokerwise I’m 1050€ in Makeup at this moment so it’s going to take a while until I can grind in additional buyins for the Vegas Bankroll. But there is still plenty of time!

Grinding routine for June

In June I’m going to mix 25€ Expressos with high quality play (maximum 2 tables) and multitablesessions on 10€ Expressos (3-4 tables mainly) to work on both skillsets – A-Game and multitabling.

Goals Achieved that were set for May

  • Maingoal: Premium Spot to move up (done – moved up already)
  • hold Platinum status (done)
  • 30 study hours (done)
  • get back to a healthy diet and start working out again after vacation! (good start)
  • 22 days of playing poker (done)
  • keep on working towards getting a healthy mindset for Expressos/Spins (done)

Goals for June:

The Maingoal for June is to stay on 25€ Expressos which requires 39 EV Chips after 500 Tournaments and 47 ChipEV in the longrun! I know it’s not a good goal to set as it’s not solely in my own hands, yet this is “what I want the most” for June! It will be a tough fight but – you know!

bring it on - I am prepared
bring it on – I’m ready to fight!

  • play 750 spins to be eligible to take part in a coaching Program within Smart Spin
  • 30 study hours
  • keep the diet rolling!
  • at least 25 days of playing poker
  • keep on working towards getting a healthy mindset for Expressos/Spins

5 thoughts on “May 2019 Recap

  1. Reg fish. This is nothing to be proud about. Any decent spin reg can beat 10s at winamax for 100+ cev. Your true cev at 25s will be like 40-50 only tops, and that’s being optimistic man. Mark my words you’re going down to 10s again and get stuck your whole life barely making any money. Why not switch to our stable and stop wasting your time. Maybe you have a better chance.


  2. Hi bfizz11 and thanks for taking the time to comment on my performance and showing your view of things. Considering you print the big bucks on highstakes it’s an honor you waste that $$$$ just to visit my blog and comment here.

    I am well aware that there is a chance (probably a big one) that I have to move down to 10s again. If that’s going to happen I will deal with the situation accordingly and will try my best to move up again.

    as an owner of a stable you should be aware that people are not able to just quit the contracts, therefor thanks for your offer, yet my hands are bound and I am not seeking for changes as I am quite happy with the situation right now.

    Yet I wish you and your stable the best of luck, may all your students crush 10s with 100+ CEV.


  3. @bfizz11
    i’m NOT in smart spin ot asny other stable, but i want to ask you why you are thinking your stable (never heared about it before) is better than any other stable? without graph or any other prove everyone can have a big mouth and call himself a better player.
    can you post a graph, or twith stream or youtube channel ?
    i’m pretty sure your stable could not be highend because the best spin players are the SpinX founders


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