April 2019 Recap

Yet another short but busy month comes to an end. 
I had 21 grinding days and tried to use them in the best way possible 
even though I had to overcome a lot of distractions yet again. 
As I mentioned in my last months recap already, my stable Smart Spin is 
still in transitionphase from old management/coaches to the new ones
replacing them.
While I personally had to argue about some stuff for quite some time
before it got implemented I think we are on a good track now and my
main focus can shift towards only improving and grinding again!
Bright future ahead!

Pokerwise I tried to show up with my A-Game as often as possible and
studied every single day as it was planned. (within the 21 grinding days)
I feel like I am getting more confident again even though the results
aren't where I want them to be yet.

While I didn't manage to play as much as I wanted to I still achieved
the maingoals for the month: 
Get into a good position to move up soon and maintain the Platinum status.

For those of you who are wondering why April only had 21 grinding days:
I was busy hunting the Easter bunny and enjoyed spending some quality
time with my family!

Huntin the easter bunny.jpg

Really looking forward to the small vacation that is going to happen in
the beginning of May with my brother and a few friends.
swimming ferret
I will definetly enjoy the swimming
I will be back at the poker tables at the 8th of May!


Stats for April


10€ Expressos

Graph April 50.80h 30 study

Winnings:                                  190.00€
€ EV:                                      556.86€
Tournaments total:                         891
Avg. Buy-In:                                10.00€ 
ITM:                                       38.38%
EV ITM:                                    38.10%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       71
ROI:                                        2.13%
EV ROI:                                     6.25%

Multis April


Total Stats for April

Winnings:                                  190.00€
€ EV:                                      556.86€
Rakeback:                                  380.00€
Study hours:                                40
Hours at the tables:                        50.80

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:                        9031
Winnings total:                            772.59€
EV Profit total:                          3196.04€

Future Plan


Bankroll for March Madness 2020 in Vegas

It is a fix plan to fly to vegas for 9 nights in March 2020 with my 
We are going to grind some Cashgames while March Madness is running (super
juicy games).
This trip + Live Cashgame Bankroll will be payed purely by pokerincome.

While I can afford the flight and hotel already I will use the 10 months
left to build a (hopefully) healthy Bankroll.



Goals achieved that were set for April

  • play 1000 Expressos (failed)
  • 40 study hours (done)
  • 10 workouts (failed)
  • 14 low carb days (failed)
  • play 20 days of poker (done)
  • visit family (done + running)
  • get a healthy mindset for Expressos/Spins again (under process)


Goals for May

The two absolute maingoals for May are to keep the total ChipEV on my 
complete 10€ Expressos sample above 65 and grind in 75 more EV-Buyins (not 
necessary in May only) to move up a stake!
Another important goal is to keep the pace (rather improve it in June)
on producing miles to get up to a yearly status for additional rakeback 
in the future (5-6 more months).
  • hold Platinum status (roundabout 900 Expressos)
  • 30 study hours
  • get back to a healthy diet and start working out again after vacation!
  • 22 days of playing poker
  • keep on working towards getting a healthy mindset for Expressos/Spins

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