IMEZRU’s Expressos and Investment Blog


IMEZRU, one of my fellow Smart Spinners just recently started his Blog.
You can check it out at
Here is what he had to say when being asked for a short introduction:
"The blog follows my journey up the stakes playing Lottery Format Poker 
 aka. Expressos, Spin and Gos Twisters etc. As a member of SmartSpin team 
 I will be using my poker winnings mainly on investing into index and 
 equity funds and later on some stocks as bankroll is not an issue for me. 
 I started from the 2€ games and just recently got promoted to 5€ 
 Expressos in Winamax due to achieving the given chip EV count within a 
 given number of games. The whole 2€ volume ended up with 93cEv/tournament.
 I am looking to grow into an “endboss” player at the higher stakes while 
 the investments keep generating passive income thru out the contract 
 with SmartSpin. I will be posting few posts a week so some of them might 
 be more of short updates while I will be providing some longer posts about
 poker and investment related topics. 
 GL at the tables and hope to see you stop by.

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