March 2019 Recap

March was a rather short month pokerwise, as I was sick at the beginning
and started the grind super late.
Still I had set a few competetive goals which I mostly managed to achieve,
even though alot of changes happened during the month in my current stable
Smart Spin which took alot of attention away from the actual grind!
Also renovating started again, this time the balcony, which also was 
quite time consuming. I will share a picture once everything is finished!
Time consuming
Obvious! Time Consuming
This month I started my games on Winamax and until a few minutes ago I was
still grinding to reach a higher monthly status! In my February Recap
I set Gold Status as the goal for the month, but as March come closer
to an end, platinum got within reach reach, therefor I planned the last few
days towards achieving it!


I can tell you, it's quite nice to grind with such a goal in mind,
remembered me alot to the good old times where people were grinding
hardcore on Stars to reach Supernova. 
Super good feeling to get higher status and more rakeback in return!

In general I encountered alot of spew this month combined with alot
of setups. If it wasn't for the spewers this month would look really
horrible. As it is, it's acceptable and I hope I can build upon it to
get promoted sooner or later.

Stats for March


10€ Expressos

10€ graph

Winnings:                                 -300.00€
€ EV:                                      684.69€
Tournaments total:                        1316
Avg. Buy-In:                                10.00€ 
ITM:                                       36.78%
EV ITM:                                    37.70%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       66
ROI:                                       -2.28%
EV ROI:                                     5.20%

Multis March


Total Stats for March

Winnings:                                 -300.00€
€ EV:                                      684.69€
Rakeback:                                  109.50€
Study hours:                                40
Hours at the tables:                        71.87


Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

As I am playing in € now I used 1$ = 0,8915€ for past winnings / EV, 
which is the livetime exchange rate right at this point in time.
Tournaments total:                        8140
Winnings total:                            582.59€
EV Profit total:                          2639.18€

Future Plan

I'm trying to study one hour every day before my grind begins.
Like this I will be warmed up for the grind and can't be to mad after
the grind and cut the learning hours therefor!
Also my studypartner is back from Vegas, so I expect alot of Study sessions
with him again in April!

Ferret Loathing

After Eastern I will be gone to visit my family and will only return 7th
May. Therefor April is a rather short month again, same as May will be!


Goals achieved that were set for March

  • play 1200 Expressos (done)
  • 40 study hours (more videos) (done)
  • 10 workouts (failed cause of flu)
  • 16 low carb days (done)
  • play 23 days of poker (done)


Goals for April

  • play 1000 Expressos
  • 40 study hours
  • 10 workouts
  • 14 low carb days
  • play 20 days of poker
  • visit family
  • get a healthy mindset for Expressos/Spins again

5 thoughts on “March 2019 Recap

  1. Good results :), i hope you did some calculations when you switch to Winamax, swings are more brutal then on PS or Party, cause of the higher rake and diffrenet prize distribution.Did some calculations without the 3top jackpots included, and you need 50,5cEV to breakeven on Winamax with the 7%rake and the prize distribution.


  2. hey, thanks for your reply WinaReg! I for sure understand that 1.5% Roi are hidden in big multis on Winamax. But As I am already 700 buyins below EV at this point overall (in like 20k spins) I am well prepared to get a few Buyins deeper into the dark 🙂


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