January 2019 Recap

In January I had to change my goal for the month rather soon, as Pokerstars
started a promotion which added $5 and $25 Spin & Goes.
As you can hunt for a million Dollars there, for sure plenty of the 
recreational players, that would usually play a limit around them 
(i.e. $3 to $30), got dragged into them. 
Therefore I experienced a rather tough field on my usual stake ($15 Spins).
As I do not feel like I can get the required ChipEV to climb
up in stakes, for as long as this Promotion is running, I took the 
opportunity to play them myself.

In the beginning, I still played some $15 Spins but at one point
I decided to not play them at all until the promotion is over.

$5 Spins are super soft and even though the rake is higher they are very 
profitable. I didn't try to play them for max EV though, instead I used 
them to work on things "around the game" like adding more tables or 
playing longer sessions. Basically this practice would help me to 
get me out of my comfort zone and will help me later on for my main stake 
as well.

All in all, January was a great month with good volume and plenty of
learning hours, which basically is all that is within my control.

Net winnings are finally catching up some on the EV, too! As smart people 
always say. "It will balance out one day!"

Another highlight, and probably the reason why I am catching up in EV, is,
that I won two 25x Multipliers on $15. 
Before I was 1/18 lifetime!
I actually had goosebumps when I managed to take down the first of the 
ferret money
Money in the banks!

Stats for January

$5 Spin & Goes


Winnings:                                 $635.00
$ EV:                                     $416.86
Tournaments total:                         953
Avg. Buy-In:                                $5.00 
ITM:                                       40.71%
EV ITM:                                    39.40%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       91
ROI:                                       13.33%
EV ROI:                                     8.75%


15$ Spin & Goes


Winnings:                                 $885.00
$ EV:                                     $228.03
Tournaments total:                        1047
Avg. Buy-In:                               15.00$ 
ITM:                                       36.49%
EV ITM:                                    36.00%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       40
ROI:                                        5.64%
EV ROI:                                     1.45%


Total Stats for January

Winnings:                                $1520.00
$ EV:                                     $644.89
Rakeback:                                 $270.00
Study hours:                                40
Hours at the tables:                       105.88

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:                        5273
Winnings total:                           $895.00
EV Profit total:                         $1873.51

Future Plan

As mentioned at the beginning of this recap already, I will play $5
Spins exclusively until the promotion is over. Right the second it ends
I will throw everything I have into $15 Spins again with the goal
to climb up to $30 Spins at one point, hopefully.
preparing to climb up!
Exact goal setting isn`t that easy at the moment, as there are alot of 
unknowns at this point. In my personal life same as with pokerstars 
(promo spins). 
So my goals will be on the lower side just to be sure I can achieve them 
whatever is going to happen!

Goals achieved that were set for January

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (done)
  • 30 study hours (done)
  • mark at least 30 hands (done)
  • 12 workouts (done)
  • 24 low carb days (done)

Goals for February

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes
  • 30 study hours
  • 12 workouts
  • 20 low carb days
  • play 28 days of poker, no excuses

4 thoughts on “January 2019 Recap

  1. I read your blog every month and every time I wish there were more than one article. You’re pretty good at poker and my heart starts beating fast every time I face you at the tables. But I don’t read your monthly recaps because of poker. I read them for the sake of reading, enjoying your talent in writing. The way you combine your professional attitude towards the game, your positivism, creativity, sense of humour and believe makes me come back every month to your page. These qualities in such a proportion are necessary not only to succeed in the game we love so much, but also to be human! Thank you, Michael!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, as per usual, you suck big time and should be ashamed of yourself… The only positive thing about this blog and the sole reason I read it are the ferret pictures. And now, finally, my patience was rewarded and I got to see the Money Ferret! So good luck and cash will come my way. For this I thank you.
    But really, now, I admire your dedication and I am happy finally the dreaded winnings are catching up to the Ev. Also, wow, 12 trainings, I am slacking myself, did just 8 with weights in Jan and a few sparring sessions but I will up my weights game, inspired my you.


  3. Hi Habit, great blog! I really enjoy reading it every month.

    Can you please tell me which program you use for analyzing which multipliers you got each month (multipliers/tournaments/cashes/profit)?


  4. Hi Dan!

    Nice to hear that you like my blog and than you very much for your kind words.

    It’s a custom report for pokertracker 4. If you use pt4 yourself and would like to have it i can send it to you. Just send me a mail (through „contact me“)


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