December 2018 Recap

First of all let me wish you a happy new beginning of the year.


Yet again I have to report, that I failed my volume goal in December, but
it was just out of my control, so I'm not dissapointed at all. 

First my brother went for a visit, which was great! 
Later in the month I caught the flue and only could play a few games per 
day because I couldn't focus for a longer peroid of time.
And between the holidays I was visiting family again without acess 
to my computer. 

But as the plan was to play minimal volume anyways without any ambition 
to go for a promotion in stakes, everything is OK and on track!

I managed to get in the learning hours, thanks to a good start 
to the month and thanks to the sessions with my training partner.
Getting in the study hours was more important than to reach my 
volume goal this month.

In January things will change as I will try to reach volume requirements
for the promotion! (to have a chance to go up after February!)

The minimum goal for all 2019 is to be profitable on 30$ Spin & Goes!

Stats for December

15$ Spin & Goes

December Graph.jpg

Winnings:                                 150.00$
$ EV:                                     356.23$
Tournaments total:                        372
Avg. Buy-In:                               15.00$ 
ITM:                                       37.37%
EV ITM:                                    37.70%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       66
ROI:                                        2.69%
EV ROI:                                     6.38%
Rakeback:                                   54.00$
Study hours:                                35
Hours at the tables:                        28.55

Multis December

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:                        3273
Winnings total:                           -625.00$
EV Profit total:                          1228.62$

Renovating progress and plans

Guest Room

Guest room got finished right on time before my brother arrived!
only the skirting is still missing but well be done in the next few days

Projects for 2019

In Spring we plan to renovate the balcony which is quite a tough project as
there are alot of unknown things to be solved!

Later that year we plan to renovate the bathroom which requires the help 
of a professional, too.

And last but not least will be the gym & office room. While the Gym is
operational already I decided that my PC will stay in the living room 
for now. I for sure would have more "peace" in the office, but then 
I would rely on my girlfriend to take care of the ferrets on her own 
and I would have less time with her, too. It's probably best to stay
in the living room and just set up my laptop in the office. So I have
a room where I can back off if our ferrets are annoying me.
harassing ferret
It was rather exhausting to make all that mess

Goals achieved that were set for December

  • play 600 Spin & Goes (failed)
  • mostly 2 tabling, rest 1 tabling, no need for more (done)
  • set up a decent reward system for achieving goals (failed)
  •  30 study hours (done)
  • mark at least 30 (done)
  • renovate guest room (done)
  • see as much family as possible during x-mas (done)
  • 10 workouts (failed)

Goals for January

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes
  • 30 study hours
  • mark at least 30 hands
  • 12 workouts
  • 24 low carb days


2 thoughts on “December 2018 Recap

  1. Ah, I see you still tolerate the ferrets, this is nice. Probably the one thing I like about you. Anyway, keep it up, man, kill those $30 games and move on!


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