November 2018 Recap

Winter is coming! But we are prepared
brum brum
Pokerwise November actually was a decent month considering the goals I set
beforehanded. The Volume was super low as expected, but I got in a lot 
of high quality hours especially on the study part. My partice partner 
excluded himself from playing to prepare better for his exams, but for him 
to stay in shape and to boost our game to another peak level we made a 
training session almost every single day. The game feels more in control
than ever.

A bad thing that I noticed during November is: My Mental Game still 
isn't where it was 2 months ago and no where close where it is supposed
to be. I get in bad mood rather quick and don't really know the 
full reason. I think it's just that I don't really have great 
days in general. I only have "super terrible days" to "good days" but the 
great days where you just stomp the competition and cooler them rather 
often and run over a bigger sample with 200+ ChipEV are just completely 
missing for now, and they are needed to get your true EV at one point as 
they are also part of the long-run sample. 
To have this better in control I plan my days completely beforehand so I 
can shine with discipline, not with motivation! But it, for sure, feels 
alot easier when you also have the motivational part going!

As mention already I think EV wise I'm still running bad or at least 
below my own expectation. Especially the Regs just seem to get better 
runouts for now. 
All in all I'm confident that I can fight to move up in limits 
once I am able to put in the volume again (hopefully January)

Enuff of the pleb talks, your longed for numbers are comin'!

Stats for November

15$ Spin & Goes

Graph November.jpg

Winnings:                                 345.00$
$ EV:                                     248.80$
Tournaments total:                         489
Avg. Buy-In:                               15.00$ 
ITM:                                       36.61%
EV ITM:                                    36.70%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       50
ROI:                                        4.70%
EV ROI:                                     3.39%
Rakeback:                                  152.00$
Attended Coachings:                          0
Watched Videos:                             10
Self Study hours:                           50
Hours at the tables:                        55.10
Just to be fully transparent, as this is the actual goal of this blog, I
played another 13 spins on 7$ and 3$ level with tickets and to get a small
warmup after I returned from visiting my family, but to not make the
blog explode of content I will just exclude those games as the samples are
irrelevant anyways.

Multis November

Total Stats since joining Smart Spin

Tournaments total:                        2901
Winnings total:                           -775.00$
EV Profit total:                           872.39$

Renovating progress and plans

Ferret Room

Ferret domicil is fully functional now and they already moved in. 
As they are closer by the action now again they seem to be in better mood 
and "less bitchy", still not to the point they were before but now, that
we have more time for them again hopes are high they will stop destroying 
the couch as it's super annoying. For now a box of beer does the job!
It is blocking the spot they are attacking and it comes in handy as beer 
is always close by when chilling on the couch :)
Ferret room
Viva las ferrets

Guest room

As my brother is going to visit us next weekend my girlfriend decided that
we will renovate the guest room before. If congress/senate decides 
something the president most of the time just has no choise but to
act. So plenty todo! My ever lasting cold kinda holds me back tho. 
Felt like I was going to die yesterday night after having worked quite
hard. But theres no way back now as the floor and old wallpapers 
are already removed and you can't let your brother sleep in a shell 
construction style room! Really looking forward to his visit <3

Goals achieved that were set for November

  • play 750 Spin & Goes (failed)
  • all 2 tabling, no rage exeptions! (failed)
  • attend my first live coaching! (failed)
  • watch 20 Training Videos (failed)
  •  20 self-study hours (done)
  • mark at least 10 hands a week (done)
I am failing too many goals last few months so for now the focus is to
actually achieve every single one of them in future.
I dont mind that I didnt watch 20 Videos in November. The study time my 
training partner more than covers up for it.
But there is no excuse for playing more than 2 tables!
Also I don't see the value of livecoachings as the system kinda works
best with specific videos targeting weaknesses anyways so that will be
removed from my list, even tho for sure it has huge value attending them,
just happens they are at times where I usually am busy.

To fix my the bad habits I developed towards my goal setting I will think
about a reward/punishment system that will work in future.
Monster and almond spiced cookies (Spekulatius in German) –  good reward?

Goals for December


  • play 600 Spin & Goes
  • mostly 2 tabling, rest 1 tabling, no need for more
  • set up a decent reward system for achieving goals
  •  30 study hours
  • mark at least 30
  • renovate guest room
  • see as much family as possible during x-mas
  • 10 workouts


5 thoughts on “November 2018 Recap

  1. You don’t say anything about the cheating allegations for SmartSpin? Given that you were pretty harsh on Spinlegends, it seems strange that you ignore all those ingame advise trouble things that are going around about SmartSpin….


  2. hey Thomasz, I am not sure what you are reffering to? A few russians got mad about how well SS + SB performs and tehrefor the russian community send mass emails to pokerstars to get their accounts frozen, 2 weeks ago every single one of the accounts got unfrozen again? Or anything else I missed?


  3. You forgot about me, didn’t you, trashy pleb? Well here I am to mess your pretty blog up.
    Actually it’s refreshing to read about your struggles and how you deal with them. But come on, if I was a ferret I would be pissing all over you, 3 months, one ferret room? Stop slacking and finish it properly already!


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