October 2018 Recap

October was a single big struggle again. 
I had to change the goal from moving up, towards fighting to not go down
a limit rather early in the month.
That, including the facts that I had to attend something similar to a 9 to 
5 job again, looking for a new car and being sick towards the end of 
the month which kept me from playing is mainly resposible for the lack of 
But I can't just put the blame on everything else but me. I also had 
motivational problems after the 2nd reload. Running into top ranges 
all the time just got to me. That, plus my 2nd 100+ buyin below EV 
downswing in a single year made me focus on the wrong things to much.

But there are positive things to take out of this month, too.
The last few days I faught hard to raise my ChipEV to the required 
(minimum) number to stay on the limit. It was a tough fight with 
alot of downs, but it felt sooooo great when I managed to reach it!
WOHOOO 40 ChipEV!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another super positive thing is, that my training partner and I decided
to add more sessions. For now we make 2 sessions per week and after he is 
done with his exams (end of November) we will go for 3.
It ups my game so hard and boosts my motivation.

I am going to visit my family now and therefor will only be able to return 
to the tables on the 11th of November.
Because of that I will set rather low goals for November and will attack 
100% again in December.

Stats for October

15$ Spin & Goes

October Graph

Winnings:                                -960.00$
$ EV:                                     195.10$
Tournaments total:                         906
Avg. Buy-In:                               15.00$ 
ITM:                                       33.60%
EV ITM:                                    36.00%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       40
ROI:                                       -7.06%
EV ROI:                                     1.44%

Multis October

Total Stats for October

Winnings so far:                          -160.00$
Tournaments total:                         906
Profit:                                   -960.00$
EV Profit (since joining SS):              623.59$
Rakeback:                                   35.00$
Winnings total (since joining SS):       -1120.00$
Attended Coachings:                          0
Watched Videos:                             20
Self Study hours:                           28
Hours at the tables:                        46.02

Renovating progress and plans

Ferret-room and corridor are almost done, we need to wait for an electronic
engeneer to set up the bell and an additional socket before we can pull on
the last few pieces of wallpaper, then I will follow it up with a few 
pictures, at least from the ferret room.

Meanwhile they are enjoying their time in the livingroom with us :)


Now there is only the guest-room left which isn't high priority yet.
And next year we have to focus on the balcony, but plenty of time to relax
for now!

Goals achieved that were set for October

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (failed)
  • all 2 tabling, no rage exeptions! (failed)
  • attend my first live coaching! (failed)
  • watch 20 Training Videos (done)
  •  20 self-study hours (done)
  • mark at least 10 hands a week (done)
  • renovate ferret room (done)
  • renovate corridor (done)

Goals for November


  • play 750 Spin & Goes
  • all 2 tabling, no rage exeptions!
  • attend my first live coaching!
  • watch 20 Training Videos
  •  20 self-study hours
  • mark at least 10 hands a week


One thought on “October 2018 Recap

  1. Oh boy, what a beatdown. But you’re taking it like you should, acceptance and everything. Here’s my hope that November will be brighter and you will repay the makeup.
    Ferrets look comfortable at least. 🙂


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