September 2018 Recap

September was the last month I planned to get used to everything
that is different between my old stable and Smart Spin.

I had a high Learn-to-Grind ratio in order to learn everything the right

Basically everything I did in September only was done to be able to grind
comfortably in Oktober, so I can push the volume and attack higher limits 
in the future.
I feel like my game at a point is where it should be possible to move up 
over time, if the stuff I have no influence over turns it's direction ans
is neutral or even in my favor!

I am not completely sure, if I even can manage to grind out the nessesary
volume, as, after a longish break, we are back to renovating again, which
takes up alot of my mental resources and I am in between jobs, which also
takes away some effort and time.
In the end of September I added a second table to my grind routine
again, so I would be somewhat used to it in the beginning of October 

And if variance keeps being a b***ch, I will ecavuate and sail away on my
ark instead of just drawning!


The german learning group started somewhat slow in September, but in the
end of the month, we finally got a nice group going.
I think it is very valueable for everyone participating.

The sessions with my study partner still are pure gold and and this point I
wouldn't want to miss them anymore!

Stats for September

15$ Spin & Goes

September 15s

Winnings:                                 195.00$
$ EV:                                     237.37$
Tournaments total:                         697
Avg. Buy-In:                               15.00$ 
ITM:                                       36.59%
EV ITM:                                    36.30%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       44
ROI:                                        1.87%
EV ROI:                                     2.27%

Multi Sep

I am somewhat happy that, even tho I feel like everything had turned 
against me this month pokerwise, I can still show up with a positive month!

Total Stats for September

Winnings so far:                          -355.00$
Tournaments total:                         697
Profit:                                    195.00$
EV Profit:                                 237.37$
Rakeback:                                   20.00$
Winnings total (Since joining SS):        -160.00$
Attended Coachings:                          0
Watched Videos:                             24
Self Study hours:                           23
Hours at the tables:                        52.50

Renovating progress and plans

As both of us, my girlfriend and I, were exhausted and needed some time for
us we made a spontanious Vacation and visited an island in the northsea.
ferret at the beach
The very next week we went to visit family in Upper Franconia.
We had such a great time, but in return the renovating progress somewhat
stood still. 
We removed the carpet and old wallpapers in the corridor (it is huge!)
and got rid of all the bulk trash. Now we planned to put on the new 
wallpapers and laminate in the corridor this week. 
The ferretroom will be next objective and hopefully will be finished by 
the end of the month.

The homegym is finally operational!

Future approach

2 Tabling

In Oktober I plan to pretty much 2 table in all of my sessions. 
It comes with a big learning potential but allows me to put in some more 
volume, too.

Looking at results once a week

I've discussed this topic multiple times. There's no value in checking
the results more often than once a week. if you do it more often only evil 
things come with it!
So me and my training partner are only checking them in our meetups!

Increase Grind-Learn Ratio

In all oktober I only want to spend 1 hour a day towards active learning
(so 30ish hours) and therefor add more Grind. Like this I hopefully can
achieve my volume goal!

Goals achieved that were set for September

  • play 750 Spin & Goes (failed)
  • all 1 tabling, no tilt exceptions! (done, only added 2nd table for preparation already)
  • attend 2 coachings (failed, non in thefrime I have daily)
  • watch 20 Training Videos (done)
  •  20 self-study hours (done)
  • mark at least 10 hands a week (done)
  • renovate ferret room, set up home gym / office (failed)
  • visit family in bavaria ❤ (done)

Goals for October

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes
  • all 2 tabling, no rage exeptions!
  • attend my first live coaching!
  • watch 20 Training Videos
  •  20 self-study hours
  • mark at least 10 hands a week
  • renovate ferret room
  • renovate corridor


3 thoughts on “September 2018 Recap

  1. hey anto long time not seen, did you also left spin legends? what are you doing right now? still playing spins?
    most of us who leave SL are in smart spin and you can ask habit: smart spin is MUCH better than SL
    it’s like moving from a lada to a porsche 😀


  2. @Faultier Sry mate, can’t recall your nickname, was it different at pokerstrategy/our discord group?

    Yeah, I continue playing spins as a hobby player. Under SS’s wings though XD


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