August 2018 Recap

Welcome to my August Recap.

As announced last month already, August was the first month I played 
Spin & Goes under the banner of Smart Spin.

After some struggles early on, where I played a hybride mix of old and new
stables strategies, and therefor got poor results, I by now feel more 
confident than ever at the table. 

I barly encounter situations where I don't feel comfortable in my
decision making at this point, which is a really great feeling.

My mental game also seems to peak. Even when things go terribly wrong,
and I am having a day with alot of negative EV, I can judge my decision 
making and therefor be happy about how I played that day even tho it ended
in a big minus (EV + $ wise).

Big part of why I feel so great and confident about poker is, that I 
finally found a training partner who seems to be on the same page than I
am. We play similar stakes and have similar goals. Both of us understand
the game rather well and we benefit from each other game-wise and also
mental-game wise, as we push each other wherever we can in a positive way.

We meet up at least once a week and talk through marked hands and review
random tournaments for now, as we both are new to Smart Spin. 
But that's not all. I can confidently say, that we have been talking 
"poker" every single day since we agreed on this partnership, which is 
a great feeling.

I noticed, when one of us had a bad day, simply talking about it, and what
actually went wrong just helps so much. Hearing someone elses opinion
in those though spots just is pure gold.

I hope we can continue this partnership for a long period of time.


But enough of this emotional sh*t, gonna fire up some Numbers now!

Stats for August


7$ Spin & Goes

7s August

Winnings:                                -175.00$
$ EV:                                      61.53$
Tournaments total:                        717
Avg. Buy-In:                               7.00$ 
ITM:                                       34.45%
EV ITM:                                    36.30%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       44
ROI:                                       -3.49%
EV ROI:                                     1.23%

Multi 7s August

A few words to what actually happened and why I had to play more than 500
spins on 7s, as announced in my July Recap:
My results where to bad and I had negative EV ROI after 500 spins, therefor
me and Smart Spin agreed on another 500 spins with at least 60 chipEV 
before moving me up to 15$ Spins again.

As my last 300 Spins where with 100+ ChipEV (I know its a small sample,
but so were the 500 spins before, too) I was allowed to move up
to 15$s after those additional 217 spins, as it was clearly visible, that 
by then I adopted well to the strategy provided, and would only need to
finish the last few Spins with ~20 ChipEV which would be a time- and 
moneywaste for both parties. Therefor I was promoted after 717 spins.


15$ Spin & Goes

15$ August

Winnings:                                -180.00$
$ EV:                                     129.59$
Tournaments total:                         92
Avg. Buy-In:                               15.00$ 
ITM:                                       35.87%
EV ITM:                                    38.8%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       82
ROI:                                      -13.04%
EV ROI:                                     9.39%

15$ Multis August 2018

Total Stats for August

Starting Bankroll:                           0.00$
Tournaments total:                         809
Profit:                                   -355.00$
EV Profit (Since joining Smart Spin):      191.12$
Rakeback:                                   10.00$
Winnings (Since joining Smart Spin):      -355.00$
Attended Coachings:                          0
Watched Videos:                             20
Self Study hours:                           25
Hours at the tables:                        61.08

Renovating progress and plans:


The most important stuff in the new flat is done now.
Living room, kitchen and sleeping room all are finished!

In September we want to continue with the ferret room and the office.
Grinding chair
hopefully I can get back my grinding chair once ferret room is done!


Future Approach

1 Tabling

As it is still very important to understand the difference in strategy
and to establish on 15$ Spins once more, I decided to take things slow
and just 1 table all September (or at least most of it).
Once that is sucessfully done I can focus on getting up in stakes and
therefor add monthly Volume!

German Study Group

We got a German Smart Spin sub-group of 10ish people that organizes
weekly meet-ups starting this weekend. Really looking forward to it, 
hopefully all group will benefit from this!

Weekly Training Partner Session

As I've already mention, we recently started this parntership and will
meet up once a week, too. We are going to talk through all difficult spots 
we encountered during the week and will also go through random tournaments 
of each other. This is a great thing, we basicly can't spew because
every tournament might get reviewed in our session. Having this in the back
of our minds hopefully will make us show up with our A-Game more often!


Goals for September


  • play 750 Spin & Goes
  • all 1 tabling, no tilt exceptions!
  • attend 2 coachings
  • watch 20 Training Videos
  •  20 self-study hours
  • mark at least 10 hands a week
  • renovate ferret room, set up home gym / office
  • visit family in bavaria ❤

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