July 2018 Recap

Next awkward month! But last one for now, promised! 
First and only time you won't see any numbers in here.
I did play 500 Spin and Goals on 5$ limit quite successfully, but they 
aren't on any Tracker so I just won't talk about them.
If you are just here for the numbers, you can stop reading right here!

If you are interested in ferrets (I know you are!), renovating progress
and my future in poker/life you are more then welcome to read along!


My future in poker


As of tomorrow I start the grind for Smart Spin!

As mentioned in my June Recap already, I went to the negotiation table with
different stables, and after plenty of hours of talking and discussing
Smart Spin just had the best things to offer for me and for my friends.

They always treated me nice and fair, didn't dodge any inconveniences and
answered every single one of the billion questions I had for them!
We worked out a great battleplan for a long and bright future, together!

Really hyped to start working on improving starting tomorrow and 
to be back at the tables. 
I didnt play a single Spin in the last 2 weeks as I was always busy 
renovating. I actually only managed to set up my desk a few hours

I will start to play 500 spins on the 7$ limit to get used to the new
strategy and then I will continue my path up (hopefully) starting back
on 15$.

I don't really expect to play alot of Spins in August, as I will
only Single Table until I get used to the new strategies.


Moving Process


you never moved before or what?
In the middle of the month, we finally moved in our new flat. Since then we
are hardcore working to renovate it. Kitchen and living room are done by
now which are the most important rooms, as we finally can cook on our own
and have a room to lay back and relax in.
kitchen halfway done
Living room
Living room right before we moved our furniture in


Make Working out a Priority again


As my gymtime went down to non existing again (which was expected after
moving) I want to place weightlifting rather high in priorities again.

I will have more spare time from now on and want to spend it as productive
as possible. I miss lifting weights quite alot at this point and it
wouldnt hurt to lose a few pounds again.

my home gym isn't set up yet, but I for sure will start working on it
in the next few days (but first a big break from doing physical work!)
Until the home gym is setup I’ll just use the chair for pullups!




I am sorry that I couldn't deliver any numbers this month. 
But the month was just chaotic. Way too much work, lot's of problems to 
solve and even a sick ferret (that by now gladly is fully recovered)
just consumed way too much time.
sick ferret
sick ferret knows what’s best to recover
August recap will be back to normal, I can promise you that.

Thanks to all of you, who still dropped by and read about the recent


7 thoughts on “July 2018 Recap

  1. Wow your new flat looks fascinating. [like]. Hope there will be some final pictures with EVERYTHING set up. Maybe you could post photo of you and your gf?


  2. Thanks dilek okeeffe! πŸ™‚

    And thanks antohitch, πŸ™‚ while I like to openly talk about everything going on in the pokerworld, I yet would like some privacy outside of it πŸ™‚ so there won’t be any mr. And mrs. Habit pictures nor from rooms that are completely done with all the furniture etc on my blog (I think the kitchen is already on the border to showing to much). Still thanks for your interest in it ❀


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