June 2018 Recap

June was an awkward month. Really awkward.

I spent the last 3 hours thinking about how to approach this monthly recap,
as things are different than usual.

In the beginning of June, Alvaro, the co-founder of the stable I was part
in, was found cheating and therefor banned with immediate effect on

As the stable pretty much only got that big because of Alvaros fame, and
him being a big part of why I made the decision to join there, I notified
the officials instantly that I don't want to be part of it anymore.

I left the stable in good.

There I was, lonely, not knowing how to continue with my poker career.
The timing wasn't bad as we are about to move and therefor alot of work
needs to be done. So I decided to take some time off from poker, and just
play for the fun of it.

For now I am doing a 25$ to 1000$ challenge. starting on the lowest limit
and trying to reach 1k "asap" (considering I'm not putting in alot of time
asap sounds wrong). I will stop that challenge once I find enough time
again to take things seriously again (probably August or September).

I've  spent alot of time looking for options and went into
negotiations with different stables already. Not only for me, but
also for the other guys who left, as I feel somewhat responsible.
After I left, it somewhat snowballed and now alot of guys are
without a stable and without a certain future! Can't let this happen!

Hopefully I can announce something official in my July Recap!

The rest of June I spent alot of time renovating the new apartment
(as always), watching the World Cup, or just enjoying my momentarly 
retirement from Poker
Fake-polarbear enjoying Poker-retirement!



But even on a month like this I won't let you down, I still have some
numbers for ya!

Stats for June


.25 $ Spins



Winnings:                                   4.00$
$ EV:                                      10.16$
Tournaments total:                        482
Avg. Buy-In:                                0.25$ 
ITM:                                       38.17%
EV ITM:                                    39.30%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       89
ROI:                                        3.32%
EV ROI:                                     8.43%

multis .25

Total Stats for June


Starting Bankroll:                          25.00$
Tournaments total:                         482
Profit:                                      4.00$
Bankroll:                                   29.00$
Attended Coachings:                         0 :(
Watched Videos:                             0 :(
Hours at the tables:                        17.02


Future approach


Uncertain :(
Going to be a bright future tho!!

Back to chillin for now!
Ma Hammock!


6 thoughts on “June 2018 Recap

  1. I guess June was awkward for everyone in our stable, especially for SL XD.
    “$ EV:10.16$” – it will take forever to get to 1000$ this way. Try to play 5’s,I swear they are worse than 3’s atm.


  2. Summer is worst time for online-poker. Rich men rest on some beach , and regulars from upper limits have to visit lower limits making it even taugher


  3. yeah I tried those 5$ last few days and they seem to be funny, not rolled for it tho. maybe I decide just to go broke on them 😉

    yeah true words lurij, so its probably great timing that I am super busy now 😀


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