May 2018 Recap

Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my May Recap!

As you may already have read in my April Recap, I finally got
in a healthstate that allows me to go back to work. I still have to use
crunches from time to time, but I'm improving slowly but steady!

I wanned to go back to work as soon as possible because I'm leaving the 
company in the end of july, and therefor I have to show the person that
will replace me how my job is done. 
As I love the company and all it's employers it's very important to me to 
leave in good and without cutting any holes in the daily business.

I went back to work fulltime instantly and therefor I had plenty of 
problems to deal with, mainly cause of my injury.
I felt so empty and powerless every single evening at beginning of the
month. That lead to the decision to stick to a single table during all May.
I often times all together prefered to just open up a coaching video
than to grind it out with a very low energy level.

As I'm back to taking bodybuilding (every day is upper day for now)
seriously and having physio therapy 2-3 times a week, that also cut back
some hours from poker.

Also applying for new jobs and renovating the new + old flat still takes 
up alot of time, aswell. I have notified my stable that I won't have as
much time for poker as I had in the past at least until August.

me pulling the payload all by my own


I'm trying to make the best out of the situation. I'll try to put
in as much time in poker as possible!

All this impacted my Volume in May alot already, but I feel like
it was still a decent month.

Enough of the excuses! If you are not here for the cute ferret pics
here comes what should be of interest for you, geek!


Stats for May


15$ Spin & Goes

May Graph 51.90 hours at the tables


Winnings:                                 720.00$
$ EV:                                     491.74$
Tournaments total:                        516
Avg. Buy-In:                               15.00$ 
ITM:                                       39.69%
EV ITM:                                    37.70%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       66
ROI:                                        9.34%
EV ROI:                                     6.36%

Multipliers May

Total Stats for May


Starting Bankroll:                        1407.49$
Tournaments total:                         516
Profit:                                    720.00$
Rakeback:                                   19.98$
Bankroll:                                 2147.47$
Attended Coachings:                         13
Watched Videos:                             35
Hours at the tables:                        51.90


Future Approach


2 Tabling

My grind will continue 4th June. As I am absent from the tables until then,
I will play 1 table to get the feel of grinding again, and after that
I plan on grinding 2 tables for the rest of the month so I can reach
a decent volume by the end of next month.



No-Carb-Diets aren't doing to great for the health of my girlfriend 
and we are to lazy to make 2 different meals every single day after work + 
grind + physio + gym. I decided to change my diet to Carbbackloading. 
This basicly means only carb intake after a heavy workout in the evenings.
Like this we only have to eat different stuff every other day as I am
working out 3-4 times per week.


Own Variation of German Volume Training

As I am only having a very basic homegym at the moment I can't use too 
heavy weights. (this will change in the new flat again)
To still get in a decent workout supplemented by my diet I came up
with my own variation of German Volume Training.
This training plan should get me back into shape rather sooner than later.
spot for me
can you toss me that weight and spot for me, bro?



Goals achieved that were set for May

  • play 1000 Spin & Goes (failed)
  • Only 1 and 2 tabling (done)
  • attend 20 coachings (failed)
  • watch 20 Training Videos (done)
  • review 20 hands (done)
  • post 5 hands (done)


Goals for June

  • play 1000 Spin & Goes
  • maximum 2 tabling
  • attend 10 coachings
  • watch 20 Training Videos
  • review 10 hands
  • post 5 hands
  • 15 workouts
  • strict diet without exeptions
  • track caloric intake on 3 days (just to check)
  • renovate the living room (only here 3 days)
wazzup we are working
wazzup man? I am working! Getting rid of the old wallpaper.



One thought on “May 2018 Recap

  1. Gz!! 66 chipev, if you add volume, with these results you can start thinking about moving to 30’s.


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