April 2018 Recap

April came to an end and so comes my free time from work soon.
Beginning next week I have to go to my dayjob again, finally!

Pokerwise April was very challenging as I made myself alot of 
pressure with my ambition to go up a limit again!

My database got destroyed twice over the month, and I had to play
HUD-less during a significant timeperiod which really sucked, all I 
wanted was to grind out my volume peacefully to the best of my ability.
Yet the problems around the game for sure send me to the table
"mentally touched" already. Not the best mood to start session over

Yet I am very pleased with my performance consdering I still believe
that my badrun continued during April. (Getting time to get over it!)

Bad times should be over now! So I can leave my hideout!


Here are the numbers you are looking for!

Stats for April


7$ Spin and Goes

Graph 7s April

Winnings:                                 -28.00$
$ EV:                                     480.89$
Tournaments total:                       1500
Avg. Buy-In:                                7.00$ 
ITM:                                       36.87%
EV ITM:                                    37.50%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       62
ROI:                                     -0.27%
EV ROI:                                   4.58%

Sorry but as my Database busted twice and I only requested handhistories
from Pokerstars without tournament summaries and therefor the multipliers
are shown incorrect and I cant use them this month.

Total Stats for April

Starting Bankroll:                        1417.11$
Tournaments total:                        1500
Profit:                                    -28.00$
Rakeback:                                   18.38$
Bankroll:                                 1407.49$
Attended Coachings:                         22
Watched Videos:                             50
Hours at the tables:                       107.75


500 Spins a day keep the doctor away

As during April I lost my fun on playing poker for a while I decided
to make a little challenge. Play 500 spins on a single day on 0.25$ Spins.
To make things interested a fellow SL member was betting with me, that I 
couldn't do it while maintaining 60+ ChipEV.

Aparently he was right. Never felt so bad about losing a bet because
it was a shitton of work and I was in front of the PC 15 hours that day
just to fail the bet.

Here is the result

500 a day


Overall I am super happy about my performance! I met the requirements
to go up a limit again! Hopefully this time it will turn out
better than it did the last time I tried!

But today is a holiday in Germany! So I will chill and start the grind



Goals achieved that were set for April

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (done)
  • Maintain 60 ChipEV at least (done)
  • attend 20 coachings (done)
  • watch 25 Training Videos (done)
  • review 20 hands (done)
  • post 5 hands (done)
  • don’t look at chipEV at all (done)
  • work heavily on my mindset (watched “tales from the crypt” alot, so done!)


Goals for May

  • play 1000 Spin & Goes
  • Only 1 and 2 tabling
  • attend 20 coachings
  • watch 20 Training Videos
  • review 20 hands
  • post 5 hands








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