December 2017 Recap

Happy new Year!


December finally went as planned. I'm German, and we Germans are not 
really know for being the most spontanious guys! 
Having a strict plan without unforseen stuff happening is exactly what we 
need to perform well!

In December I had 21 days of grinding as we had alot of family birthdays
and were gone on vacation between the holidays!

That's also the reason why December 2017 Recap is a little late.
We only returned yesterday after being stuck in traffic jam for hours.

In the November Recap I was struggeling to beat the 7$ Spin & Goes and
my maingoal for December was to "proof" that I can beat the limit. 
I focused alot on improving by visiting all coachings possible 
and watching alot of learning materials, but as I only had 21 days of 
grinding I also was aware all of the time that I need to hit the tables 
quite alot, too.

Not watching any Stats/Graph/Summary really helped me to perform strong
in the beginning, but during middle of the month "old addictions" came
back and I kept watching that stuff over and over again.
As a result my graph flattened out alot even tho I didn't really notice
a change in my game/gameplan. This still seems to be a mental thing
holding me back, but at least I know how to handle it:

Just don't look at that sh**t!


Stats for December


7$ Spin & Goes

December Graph

Winnings:                                504.00$
Tournaments total:                       2000
Avg. Buy-In:                                7.00$ 
ITM:                                       37.15%
EV ITM:                                    37.59%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       63.86
ROI:                                       3.60%
EV ROI:                                    4.88%


Total Results for December

Starting Bankroll:                        753.07$
Tournaments total:                        2000
Profit:                                   504.00$
Rakeback:                                 306.49$*
Bankroll:                                1563.56$
Attended Coachings:                        20
Watched Videos:                            15
Hours at the tables:                       92.33

*cleared most of a 250$ reload bonus thatswhy the Rakeback is that high



multipliers dec


Promoted to 15$ Spins!

As a result of my performance I got promoted to play 15$ Spins now!

Sadly I did not find the time to play a single one of them yet, but I'm
really looking forward getting crushed in the beginning.

Getting promoted to 15$ Spins really means alot to me. It is one of the
best Christmas gifts a dedicated pokerplayer can imagine.

A very big thanks to all the guys and girls that supported me, helped me, 
taught me or simply just believed in me in the 4th month I am with 
SpinLegends now! 

There's nothing that can beat "Best Poker Player Michi" in the 
longrun anyways!



Event Bankroll 500.98$ (-16.50$)

During the vacation I got bored one evening and played NL25 Fast Forward
on Partypoker on my mobile phone and lost my "Bankroll" there.

Future approach


Get used to the new limit by 1 tabling

To get used to the new limit I will play the first 25 spins only 1 tabling.
This ensures that I can show up with my best game possible.

Comfortably 4 tabling in the long run

In the long run I want to be able to grind 4 tables comfortably. But my
mind has to get arround losing 300+$ on a single day which I am not sure
if I am prepared for. But I think this can only be solved by jumping
in the cold water at one point and just deal with the frustration without
letting my game be effected. Quite a task for me and I know, that
this might take alot of time, but I am willing to put in the hours
and frustration required.

Only look at Graphs / ChipEV once every 2 weeks

I've failed to not look at my graph for the complete month in December.
And as soon as I "failed" my monthly task I just kept looking at it
pretty much all the time. It hurt my game without me activly noticing it.
Therefor I have to set up this goal again and hopefully have the mental
strenght to suceed this time. Only look at it once every 2 weeks!


Goals achieved that were set for December

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (done)
  • attend 15 coachings (done)
  • watch 15 Training Videos (done)
  • review 100 hands (done)
  • post 10 hands I am unsure about (failed)
  • finish “The Mental Game of Poker” (failed, forgot book at during vacation home)
  • finish “Mercenaries Heads-up Book” (done)
  • drink maximum 20 Energydrinks this month (done)
  • 12 workouts (failed, kneeinjury again)
  • Enjoy a week without poker during Christmas and New Year’s Eve! (done)


Goals for January

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes
  • attend 20 coachings
  • watch 10 Training Videos
  • review 50 hands
  • post 3 hands I am unsure about
  • finish “The Mental Game of Poker”, its getting time!
  • drink maximum 20 Energydrinks this month
  • 10 workouts

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