November 2017 Recap

November was a very challenging month with very ambitious goals set
beforehand. But there are always things that can't be taken under 
consideration when setting goals. That's what happened in November. 
Right in the beginning of the month my girlfriend had to stay in 
hospital and get surgery.


While I do not want to get closer into detail on this matter it was 
very tough for me to handle the whole situation. 
-visiting her every day after work 
-being unsure for quite some time whats actually going on
-ferrets that needed alot of attention. 
-all the household on my own. 
-driving her from one doc to another after she got out of hospital.
-blank nerves

All this was mentally very challenging.
While I tried to master the situation to the best of my ability (what
I am very proud of) Poker was the little "step-child" that got way too
little attention.

When I found some time to grind I basicly always was without energy 
already, which resulted in less quality, less time invested overall, 
less practise and way to small volume throughout the month. 

But no excuses. Finally everything is back on track again!


Stats for November


7$ Spin & Goes


Winnings:                                -182.00$
Tournaments total:                       1000
Avg. Buy-In:                                7.00$ 
ITM:                                       35.80%
EV ITM:                                    35.32%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       29.79
ROI:                                       -2.60%
EV ROI:                                    -1.46%


Total Results for November

Starting Bankroll:                        863.09$
Tournaments total:                        1000
Profit:                                  -182.00$
Rakeback:                                  71.98$
Bankroll:                                 753.07$
Attended Coachings:                        20
Watched Videos:                            20
Hours at the tables:                       53.38



nov mult.jpg


It is always hard for me to write about a losing month. 

This blog was created for self reflection and to keep me on track.
Being able to talk about tough times is just part of the journey and very

I am confident that I can beat 7$ Spins and want to proof that in December.


Event Bankroll: 517.48$ (+43.50$)

In all November I played 2 Tournaments. Sunday Storm where I managed to 
cash for 38$ (+27.00$) and a 5.50$ tournament with Free Tournament money
on partypoker that I cashed for 16.50$ (+16.50$)



Future approach


Stop Loss

Losing 200$ on a single day is to much for me to handle. I need a stoploss
again which will keep me from going insane. I've set this for 10 buyins.
There's only a "one and done" this time. If I drop 10 buyins on a single 
day (which should happen quite frequently) I will stop playing for the rest
of the day and only do work around the game. (hand reviews, database 
analysis, coachings, training videos)


Pre grind routine

Small but decent homegym
Usually when I come home from work, first thing I do is sit down in 
front of the computer and grind it out. My mind still is stuck somewhere 
at work often times and this is for sure far off from optimal.
I already started to make the following adjustment the last few days. 
I ether go in my gym which sure will drain energy for the moment, but it 
frees my mind and ensures that I am ready for the new task (grinding),
or on non training days I will start with a coaching / training video 
before hitting the tables. This will set me in "poker mode" already.


Making notes

I just recently noticed the value of making notes during coachings and
watching training videos. 
While at live coachings I can only note some basic guidlines and important 
tips, I love to go more into detail when I watch videos. 
I can just pause them whenever it is moving to fast or I feel like I missed
something. Sometimes I spend 2 hours on a 1 hour video.
I think in general this is great value and makes me learn faster.
Whenever I have a short break from whatever (to short to play Spins) I 
just read through my notes which makes me sum up the coaching or training 
video again and will lead towards getting that knowledge into the state of
Unconcious Competence faster. (improving my B-C game)
I can suggest to everyone to open up a random .txt file and write
down everything that sounds important. This has so great value! 
Not exclusively for poker!


Reviewing every Spin & Go-Hand

As time outside of work / hospital / cleaning / feeding was so short in
Novemember I made it to my personal task to write my humble opinion
on every Spin & Go hand that crosses my path. 
I can solve a hand whenever I find 5-10 minutes.(sometimes it takes longer)
I just hope the guys posting hands are not annoyed by me already.
Most of the time my way of solving difficult spots seems to be somewhat
off, but I see great value in continuing to do so and I hope will find 
the right solution more often in future.


2 tables only

I had a talk to a SpinLegends official. We agreed on that I can add
a 3rd table in order to reach my volume-target for December. 
I tried to 3-table one day in November already, but unfortunately it 
ended up not working to well. 
I think, for improving, it is smarter to stick with 2 tables for now.


Don’t look at ChipEV / graph all month

As I still keep checking my ChipEV and graph way to often I set up a
challenge for December. I will not look at my graph or ChipEV once 
until I write my December Recap.


Goals achieved that were set for November

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (failed)
  • attend 15 coachings (done)
  • watch 15 Training Videos (done)
  • finish “The Mental Game of Poker” (failed)
  • finish “Mercenaries Heads-up Book” (failed)
  • drop another 2kg Bodyfat (done)
  • drink maximum 25 Energydrinks per month (~20! done)
  • 12 workouts (failed)


Goals for December


  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (in 21 days of grinding)
  • attend 15 coachings
  • watch 15 Training Videos
  • review 100 hands
  • post 10 hands I am unsure about
  • finish “The Mental Game of Poker”
  • finish “Mercenaries Heads-up Book”
  • drink maximum 20 Energydrinks this month
  • 12 workouts
  • Enjoy a week without poker during Christmas and New Year’s Eve!




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