October 2017 Recap

Happy Halloween!


The second month of Spin & Goes comes to an end.

As already mentioned in my September Recap I had send in my first 1000 
Spins on 3$ limit and was waiting for an answer wether I can go up to 
the 7$ Spins or wether I have another 3$ Block to grind.

I got acess to more advanced Ranges and additional, more complex learning
materials, but the performance was not good enough to join the higher
ranks yet. So I happily kept grinding the 3$, got used to the new Ranges
and applied the new strategy I learned over time.

After finishing my 2nd 1000 Spin Block on 3$ I finally got promoted
to join the "Gold Group" completely.

That meant setting up alot of stuff:
Pokertracker 4, HUD, Starshelper and Google Drive.

This took alot of time.
The support from SpinLegends was great and I felt so relieved when finally
everything worked as it is supposed to work (it wasn't easy).

I finally could focus on getting used to all of "the new stuff" and to 
the new limit.


Stats for Oktober

3$ Spin & Goes


Winnings:                                269.00$
Tournaments total:                       1000
Avg. Buy-In:                             3.00$ 
ITM:                                     39.60%
EV ITM:                                  39.48%
ChipEV / Tournament:                     92.20
ROI:                                      8.88%
EV ROI:                                   8.96%

7$ Spin & Goes


Winnings:                                 224.00$
Tournaments total:                        650
Avg. Buy-In:                                7.00$ 
ITM:                                       36.15%
EV ITM:                                    36.51%
ChipEV / Tournament:                       47.61
ROI:                                        4.92%
EV ROI:                                     1.86%


Total Results for Oktober

Starting Bankroll:                        330.67$
Tournaments total:                       1650
Profit:                                   493.00$
Rakeback:                                  39.42$
Bankroll:                                 863.09$
Attended Coachings:                        13
Watched Videos:                            20
Hours at the tables:                       82.47
I had my first profit split with SpinLegends but to keep things simply
I will just keep calculating with the bankroll I had.
This shows the results more clear and it is easier to follow the progress.

Problems around the game


HUD – the mystery

HUD (heads-up display) in poker basicly tracks all the "moves" a player
does and therefor, when read correctly, we can abuse their tendencies to
our favor. (I think most of you know what a HUD is so that's all for the

I've worked with complex HUDs in my cashgame time before, yet I did not 
really get used to the HUD in Spins by now.

Even with the basic HUD, it was easier to find out which playertype
my oponnents were way faster than with the Spin & Go HUD.

Still, I am getting used to it better every single day and I already
started to abuse players wherever I can.

My main focus during November will be to work on "learning" the HUD as
much as possible so I can abuse players even more and in shorter time.
On 7$ Spins you might still win with good basic strategy, but the higher 
you climb the more you have to work with players tendencies.

Pizza! Not coffee anymore!


In the beginning of playing 7$ Spins I noticed I got somewhat moneyscared.
Imagining that you can lose 7$ (a pizza) not 3$ (coffee + donut) in a game
that only lasts 5-15 minutes was just to much for me to handle right away.

I had days where I lost 3 digits sums. (and gladly also 200$+ winning days)
This was just to much for my (micro-) mind and I had to get used to the new
Buy-In level.

I tried to correct it with playing less but with more focus.
As I am still experiencing problems with being stuck in the games with my
b-c game for hours when running bad that seems to be a nice approach for


Event Bankroll: 473.98$ (+236.00$)


Right before joining the gold group I had my first profit split with
SpinLegends. As already mentioned in my September Recap all money
I receive from now on will end up in my Event Bankroll as I do not need
to provide for my grinding bankroll.


Goals achieved that were set for October

  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (done)
  • attend every Coaching (done, expect when I had appointments)
  • watch 15 Training Videos (done and crushed!)
  • fix the Multipliers in Pokertracker4 (done, can only be used from November on)
  • get up to the SpinLegends gold group (done)
  • Read Mercenaries Heads-up Book (started)
  • Drop 4 kg Bodyfat for surgery in January (done)


Approach and Goals for November


  • play 1500 Spin & Goes (if successful I get 100% Rakeback for myself )
  • attend 15 coachings
  • watch 15 Training Videos
  • finish “The Mental Game of Poker”
  • finish “Mercenaries Heads-up Book”
  • drop another 2kg Bodyfat
  • drink maximum 25 Energydrinks per month(still to much but small improvement!)
  • 12 workouts



2 thoughts on “October 2017 Recap

  1. Nice recap 😀

    You made me laugh with your pizza/coffee 😀
    I get that this is getting more concrete now that spinlegends take a piece of your money. But the real money is coming later.

    Burn some 20$ bills if it helps you 😉

    Nice cEV in 3$!

    Keep the good work!



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