September 2017 Recap

My first month of Spin & Goes is over now, and let me tell you: Spins
blow my mind! 
Having played Cashgames in the past and therefor knowing how
tough the playerpool even at the lowest stakes can be, I expected
to meet alot of competent grinders at the Spintables aswell.

I knew that Spin & Goes attract alot of recreational bad players who only
want to hit a high jackpot, but I did not expect that the fish-to-reg-ratio
would be that huge. In the 1700 Spins I played so far I only met
very few decent players. 
That's not all to it. Even for the Recreationals there seem to be
more complete beginners (or guys who don't give a f***k) than those 
who at least spent a little time on strategy.

Since I was almost completely new to Spins I expected to have a hard
time, fighting hard to get a small edge over the competition, 
but aparently Spins on the low buy-in levels are easy to beat.
All you have to do is to execute very basic strategy.

If you are new to poker, trying to make some money on the side,
I think I can even go so far to suggest to at least take a look at
Spin & Goes.


spin & Go

As I am playing for SpinLegends now, who provide for my Bankroll I
withdrew all my personal Bankroll of 1072.90$ to my Bank account to
buy some goodies and save some for the time "afterwards" my contract ends.





Stats for September


1$ Spin and Goes

1 $

Winnings:                                65.00$
Tournaments total:                       700
Avg. Buy-In:                             1.00$ 
ITM:                                     39.71%
EV ITM:                                  40.03%
ChipEV / Tournament:                    100.48
ROI:                                      9.29%
EV ROI:                                  10.49%


3$ Spin and Goes


Winnings:                                 195.00$
Tournaments total:                        1000
Avg. Buy-In:                              3.00$ 
ITM:                                     38.90%
EV ITM:                                  37.81%
ChipEV / Tournament:                     67.11
ROI:                                      6.50%
EV ROI:                                   4.35%


Total Results for September

Starting Bankroll:                      30.00$
Tournaments total:                       1700
Profit:                                 260.00$
Rakeback:                                40.67$
Bankroll:                               330.67$
Attended Coachings:                       4
Watched Videos:                          16
Hours at the tables:                     102.65


I would love to show the multipliers aswell, but unfortunately they are
bugged (they show 3x which is impossible), therefor that's one of the 
things I have to fix in October.


I just finished the 1000 Tournaments sample at 3$ Spins and am waiting
for Pokerstars to send me the handhistory so I can forward it to my
coaches. They have to decide whether I am worthy to go up to the next 
limit (including joining the gold group).

If I have to stay on 3$ limit I am not dissapointed at all.
I have noticed a few mistakes I have to work on that can boost my 
ChipEV alot.

Problems surrounding the game


Being a ChipEV addict

Yes, I am an addict!
I am checking my chipEV constantly and can't leave it be!

I told myself to only check chipEV at the end of a grinding day.
Easier said than done I had to notice.

When I take small breaks to relax I cheat myself and check the chipEV.

It is already getting better day by day, but until now I did not manage
to have one singel day where I would only check my chipEV at the end of 
the day.

I will keep working on it. At the end of Oktober I will have reached my
goal to only check it once a day!

Getting stuck in the game when running bad/playing bad

Both problems go hand in hand. I check chipEV to often and when it is
negative I want to catch up. 

I start playing worse! I am taking more risks,
use inappropriate Ranges and call to much 2nd best hands.

I don't seem to be able to end the session which ultimately spirals down
to even worse ChipEV (and thefore more lost money!) and to even more 
catching up todo!

Here is the best example of a day where I couldn't end my session.

shitty day!

I am working on this problem, too.


Event Bankroll 237.98$ (+- 0.00$)

Since I have to split my Rakeback with SpinLegends I will have to
freeze the Event Bankroll for the time being.
Propably whenever I can withdraw some winnings I will add them to
the Event Bankroll.

Goals for October


  • play 1500 Spin & Goes
  • attend every Coaching
  • watch 15 Training Videos
  • fix the Multipliers in Pokertracker4
  • get up to the SpinLegends gold group
  • Read Mercenaries Heads-up Book
  • Drop 4 kg Bodyfat for surgery in January





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