August 2017 Recap

Stats for August

Winnings:                                680.24$
Tournaments total:                       305
Avg. Buy-In:                             2.08$ 
ITM:                                     17.4%
Tournaments won:                         2
Top 3 finishes:                          3
Bankroll:                                1,072.90$


August Stars
Pokerstars Tournament Graph


August Partypoker
Partypoker Tournament Graph


August 888
888Poker Tournament Graph


In the beginning of August, I was fortuned to win the 2.20$ Bounty Builder
for close to 1k$ score. Moving forward from there I had a few discussions
with more experienced MTT-players. The majority of people I talked to
suggested to not make the jump to 5.50$ tournaments yet.

That said, I only added the 3.30$ Tournaments to my daily shedule and
took a few shots at higher buyin tournaments at the end of the month
(as suggested).

I had a great time at the German North Sea Coast during my vacations.
It was very refreshing but kept the volume during August on the lower side.


Event Bankroll 237.98$ (+42.30$)


The Deal, Snap, Zoom, Rakeback: +142.29$

During August I played 6k Hands of Zoom Poker for a total of 44.42$ profit.
The rest comes from Snappoker, daily "The Deal" abuse (even during vacation)
and Rakeback (Changed Starcoins for $)


New Poker Desk: -99.99$

I ordered a new working desk so I finally have the space to place down 2 
Monitors and my Laptop. Since this is for Poker mainly I payed it with my 



Goals achieved that were set for August

  • play 350 Tournaments (failed)
  • play 5000 hands in ICM Trainer (failed)
  • watch 15 Training Videos (done)
  • win 3 Tournaments (failed)
  • make 8 top 3 finishes (failed)
  • finish 1 book (failed)



Anouncement for the Future.

The reason why I failed all my Goals I set for August was, that my focus
shifted away from tournaments.

August was a great but tough month. I had a hard decision to make.

I always wanned to try as many different formats as possible in Poker,
before finally deciding, which format to stick with in the future.

The journey brought me from Cashgames to Tournaments and now it's time to
move on to try out the next format.

The opportunity came up to play Spin & Goes for a stable that does not only 
provide learning materials and coaching, but also provides the bankroll.

While I do not want to discuss specifics of the contract, the decision
was not as easy as it seems.

I had a good and profitable time playing MTTs and especially August was a
great month which made the decision tougher for me to switch away from 

Another aspect that made the decision even harder was the release of 
"Spin & Go Max". They might take away a good chunck of the recreational 
players from normal Spin & Goes.

Yet I decided towards joining SpinLegends.


Starting 04. September 2017 I will almost exclusively play Spin & Goes.

I will pretty much start from scratch on the lowest stakes. (learn it the 
right way from the beginning)

The contract will bind me for the upcoming months / years.

I'm very happy about my decision, them taking on me, and the opportunity to 
grow as a pokerplayer with their help.

I withdrew my Bankroll already, but for sure will keep the Event-Bankroll.
Yet another 1k$ payday thanks to poker.



Goals for September


I have no idea how much volume a Spin & Go-Player can grind during a month.

The priority clearly lies at learning Spins and to put in the hours required
to succeed and turn a profit in the future.

The only goal will be to spend 100 hours on poker. (playing + learning).




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