July 2017 Recap

July began painfully! Very painful! My knee started to hurt. Apparently 
I had an inflamed Corpus adiposum infrapatellare without having noticed
any external forces. 
This basiclly means I won't be able to perform heavy squats or 
deadlifts anymore which really saddens me, but I guess I have to deal 
with it.

For poker, this was somewhat helpful. I had to stay home from work for 
3 full weeks. Plenty of time to spend on improving and grinding!

As already mentioned in my June Recap my focus is on tournaments now.
I even drifted more and more away from the 180s towards bigger field MTTs.

It is balancing out pretty well on it's own, because the tournaments on
Partypoker get between 50-200 participants, while the tournaments on
Pokerstars in gernal get a way bigger playerfield.

Late in July I also started to incorperate tournaments from 888Poker.
Those 3 sites work well together so I will keep it that way for now.
I tried to add iPoker aswell but it made everything freeze and lag.

I am very happy where my tournament-game is at now. I am constantly
improving and slowly but steady climbing up the ladder.

There might be a few tracking mistakes during July.

To explain that matter further:
When playing a Progressive Bounty Tournament Pokertracker 4 will only 
count the innitial amount of a Bounty when you knock-out someone, even 
tho the "price of his head" might be way higher. At the beginning of 
the month I did not know about that tracking mistake yet so there might
be some smallish mistakes. When I finally noticed the problem, I started 
to edit the  tournament so the correct result will be tracked.

Those tracking-mistakes aren't a big deal and will balance out with my

Here are my graphs for July:


Stars July
Pokerstars Tournament Graph


Party July
Partypoker Tournament Graph


888 July
888Poker Tournament Graph


Stats for July


Winnings:                                254.64$
Hands total:                             70,873
Tournaments total:                       632
Avg. Buy-In:                             1.01$ (wow that suprised me)
ITM:                                     20.6%
Tournaments won:                         8
Top 3 finishes:                          18
Bankroll:                                392.66$
I am super happy with this result! I did not win a big field tournament
yet, only small ones with maximum 200 entrants. What really suprised
me myself is the very low average Buy-In of just 1.01$. 
I made adjustments to cut loose the 0.22$ Tournaments on Partypoker 
and also played a few 5.50$ Micro-Millions Tournaments and even the 
Main-Event with a big ass 22$ Buyin (Sold 45% and mincashed, all 
adjusted in PT4 for sure)


Event Bankroll: 195,68$ (+47,12$)


The Deal, Snap, Zoom, Cardmatch, Wheel of Ra, Tracking mistakes: +47,12$

This includes aprox. 40k hands of Snap-Poker, 22k hands of Zoom-Poker,
multiple small 888 Freeroll cashes and usual every 12 hour "The Deal"
abuse (as explained in my June recap).


Highlight of the Month:


Caribean Poker Party Feeder


During July (and still running) Partypoker gave away one 2.20$ Ticket
every single day. That ticket only could be used for specific 
Caribean Qualifiers.

Here is the way you need to take to qualify (for free) The Caribean
Poker Party

The way

I managed to get the 1050$ Ticket with 1.4 times Average stack at
the start of the Sunday final. I've been nervous for days already
and could not help my thoughts. I already saw myself sitting
at the pokertable, playing a 5300$ Buy-In tournament.

I always tried to think of something else, but this was so important 
to me. It is such a big dream to play such an offline event.

I was worried how I would feel when I would miss this chance
(because in my eyes this was such a big chance).

Only get top 10 of 130 men... I know it sounds still very very hard,
but when did you get that close already before?

When the tournament started I got a huge headache immediately.
I was close before throwing up simply because it was that much
pressure on me. 

I ran horrible and didn't catch a single hand.

I finished the tournament in 34th place and did not qualify.

Beforehand I thought it would destroy me and maybe even
take away all my passion for the game.

But I managed to deal way better with it than expected.
It was a nice experience playing at such high stakes 
(I mean it was a 1050$ Buy-In Satelite!)

And despite the worry that it might kill my passion for
the game, it just let me even more on fire!

Sure this was a huge opportunity and I might not get
that big of a chance ever again, but I still feel like it 
was worth it. I'm walking away stronger and better prepared 
than before.

Just always give it your best, right? And I feel like I've done that!

Goals achieved that were set for July

  • play at least 250 Tournaments (done)
  • play at least 5000 hands in ICM Trainer (done 7000)
  • watch 15 Training Videos  (done)
  • lose 2 kg bodyfat (failed, I blame my knee, won’t start a diet before October)
  • win 1 Tournaments (done, I guess that goal was set a little low)
  • make 10 Final tables (done, even top 3)
  • finish 1 book (failed, I usually read them at work (druing breaks for sure!))


August Goals and Approach



I will still heavily focus on MTTs and will try to up my avg. Buy-In
to at least 1.50$-2.00$. I will play everything in the range of 
1.00$ - 3.30$ Buy-In and take some shots at 5.50$ tournaments.

I'll be on vacation in the end of August so I won't set my goals
too high. Also expect August Recap to be delayed some days.


Goals for August

  • play 350 Tournaments
  • play 5000 hands in ICM Trainer
  • watch 15 Training Videos
  • win 3 Tournaments
  • make 8 top 3 finishes
  • finish 1 book




7 thoughts on “July 2017 Recap

  1. Very good results! Looks like this format really suits you better than cash games. If you look away from winnings, do you feel better when playing MTTs? Also can you tell me how long is your normal poker session, when you play MTTs? Its great that you was able to finish majority of your goals.

    PS: In 2010 I qualified through 3 or 4 tournaments on Bwin to WPT France and the journey and tournament itself was incredible. I hope you will get to experienced that aswell. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah it was really awesome, we were living in 5 star hotel in center of Louxembourg and the tournament was in Amneville. I was cooled twice in the first hours – set of 8 to set of 9 and set of K to set of A. Really unlucky, but after that I was able to climb to the best 20 after the first day. 2nd day I sadly lost the flip with the chip leader with AK to his 99 on flop AK9, just two blanks came. But it was nice tournament and bwin provide us with many nice events like go-carting, eating in michelin restaurant and open night-club in downtown Louxemberg. 🙂

    ATM Im grinding NL10 where I get after quite hot run on nl 2 and 5, where I got over 50bb/100. On NL10 Im little over 40 right now but the size sample is small. We will see how agugust will go. 🙂

    Good luck in tournaments and have a good vacation! 🙂


  3. Hey buddy! Congratulations for winning yesterdays 2.2$ tourney 🙂
    Was nice to play and talk to you. Good luck and see you on tables

    alexl225 (3d place)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you alexl225 🙂 I would have loved playing headsup with you but aparently the pokergods were on my fellow germans side.

    Still congrats for your 3rd place finish.

    And thanks for spoilering my August recap!!!! 😀 (joking for sure)


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