April 2017 Recap


April was largly determined by us moving. So first let me tell you
how sorry I am for not writing the promised strategical article 
during April. But I barly found time to grind nor for learning.

It was just more important to keep grinding as much as possible.
But good news is the stressful time is over now!
Everything is done. Only a few moving boxes are still lying around waiting
for us to find the motivation to finally empty them.

Gladly in May everyhting will be back to normal <3
Now let's look at my graphs for April and sum it up!
NL5 Winner
Winner Graph
Stars NL5
Pokerstars Graph
betfair 1 $
Betfair Graph
Winnings:                                133.06$
Winnings EV Adjusted :                   163.08$
Hands total:                              36,259
Winrate:                                   7.34 bb/100
Winning Days:                              15    
Losing Days:                                5
Bankroll:                                430.11$
I only played 20 days this months. But man, did I run good!
This is not my normal performance. I do not think that I can beat NL5 
(6 speed tables) for 7bb/100 in general. The Downswing that 
bothered me in the beginning of this year seems to be over completely 
now! (hopefully)

Event-Bankroll: 239.25$ (+89.25$)

In the March 2017 Recap I wrote that I withdrew everything but my Bankroll
to support the move to our new Flat and that, if things work out well, I
might not need to start the Event-Bankroll from 0$.
As things turned out well I could start the Event-Bankroll with 150$

WinnerPoker Rakeback 28.40$:

During April I got 28.40$ Rakeback on WinnerPoker.
I got another 11.00$ after I withdrew the money from Winner already.
Since the minimum amount to withdraw is 20$ and I do not plan to play
at WinnerPoker ever again I went to a NL20 Table with that amount
of money and lost it. (AK vs AQ Preflop-Allin)

Pokerstars Promotions: 43.34$

Pokerstars ran the "Pokerstars makes Millionairs"-Promotion.
With the daily auto-allin-tournaments I made 33.00$
Besides I cashed a Freeroll for 1.90$
I played "The Deal" more or less every 12 hours since the middle of the
month whenever I could (and remembered). A few Jackpots were won by 
others which gave me a little share of 7.44$ total!
I also got one straight for 1$ instantly.
I also have 1100 Starcoins for an 11$ tournament!

888Poker Jackpotland: 17.10$

During April on 888Poker there was the "Jackpotland"-Promotion.
I spinned the wheel twice a day (Once Dektop-PC and once Mobile-Phone)
I won a few 10c and 1$ Blast tournament tickets.
And turned them into cash at the tables for 7.20$
Since usually you would only win a Jackpotland-Tournament-Ticket
I registered for alot of "Lucky-Tournaments" (auto-allin-tournaments) and
also played a few socalled "Skilled-Tournaments".
Combined I won 9.90$ during the course of April.

bwin Promotions: 26.52$

I had 0$ in my bwin Account since I quit playing there.
During April they ran the "Sit & Go Hero Promotion" and gifted
free tickets to everyone I guess.
I used those free tickets and turned them into 24.75$.
They also ran another Promotion called "Daily click card" which
seems to be a nice Promotion for Micro-Stakes-Grinder.
I got plenty of 0.11$ and 0.55$ tickets for Rope-A-Dope Satellites.
I did not manage to qualify for it yet but still have plenty of 
tickets left.
3 times (guess that was lucky)I got a 5$ Casino Bonus.
Used that money at Blackjack tables but had no luck there. 
Always instantly lost it!

I also got 2 "bspins" (not really sure what it is and how it works).
One of those spins won me 5 free spins on some (not all) slot-machines. 
While I never played slots before I just spinned 5 times and somehow 
got 1.77$ out of it.

betfair free Tokens and first Deposit Bonus: 19.89$

While I did not get my first Rakeback on betfair yet (guess it will arrive
in the first week of May) I could clear the first part of the first deposit
bonus for 10€ (10.90$).
When someone deposits for the first time on betfair he receives
10x1$ Tokens and 1x5$ Twister Token (equivalent to Spin & Goes)
While I busted ih the Twister with a Flush vs a runner runner Full-House
(All-In on the turn) I managed to Cash in the 1$ Tournaments for 8.99$
in total.
I used one of the Tokens for a 20$-Token-Satellite and successfully
won one of the 20$ Tokens.

Trying to qualify for the Sunday Million Anniversary: -46.00$

On the 2nd of April there was the Anniversary of Sunday Million with 1 
Million Gtd. for the Winner. What a great Chance to get rich fast, right?
Easy money!
Since it has been a dream to play Sunday Million for like forever
already I decided to use 50$ to try and qualify for it at 
it's anniversary version.
Sadly it didn't go that well and I spent 46.00$ on it without qualifying.
At least I tried! 
Next time I will just take that 50$ note and throw
it out of the window. Less stressful!

May Goals and Approach


NL10 Attempt for 10 Buyins

Even tho I didn't expect to grind my way back to NL 10 during April
I managed to do so thanks to running beautifully.
I reached over 400$ so the plan I set for myself dicdates to take a 
shot at Nl10 again. Since I was very stressed out, because of moving,
I delayed the NL10 until everything is over.
So right from the start of May I will grind at NL10 again.
Hopefully this time it will be successful!

Clear as much of the first deposit bonus on betfair

Since betfair gives a 200% first deposit bonus I have plenty 
of grinding todo during May.
I know I wont be able to clear all of the bonus. But I will try to clear
as much as possible since it will boost my Event-Bankroll like crazy

Play Sunday Million from Event-Bankroll

Sunday Million

I actually had planned to play sunday Million right today (30th of April).
But I do not have own Internet at the new apartment and I can't fully trust
the connection I am on right now. So it has to wait until 15th of May.
Once I get a free monday afterwards I will finally play Sunday Million.
Hell this will be exiting. It's such a big dream since I first heard about
Poker. Not as big as playing the WSOP but I will be so nervous and happy
the day I register for SM

Other goals for May

  • play 80k Hands (hopefully all NL10)
  • Discuss more hands again
  • Read 1 book
  • drop 7-10 kg weight including water!
  • get back to working out and eating healthy (I ignored that completely during moving)
Thanks for reading and "may the fourth" be with you next week!

may the fourth

Edit: I will keep this blog for monthly recaps only now!

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