March 2017 Recap


And welcome to my March 2017 Recap!
First quarter of the year is done and dusted. The summer breeze smells
great already! It's getting warmer outside every single day.
Good times ahead!


March was really really stressful for me. (in a positive way)
My girlfriend and I decided to move to a new flat not to long ago.
And all off a sudden everything worked out so quick, way faster 
than expected. 
While this is good news, it kept me so busy that I barly matched 
any poker related goals in March. 
We are going to move in on the first of May, so April won't be any
At least I can adjust my goals for this month!

Take a look at my graphs during March.

winner graph
NL4 Reg tables #1


NL4 graph.jpg
NL4 Reg tables #2


NL5 fast graph
NL5 fast tables



Winnings:                                   -2.95$
Winnings EV Adjusted :                      47.44$
Hands total:                                27,274
Winrate NL5 fast:                            3,77 bb/100
Winrate NL4 reg:                            -4.38 bb/100
Winning Days overall:                           7    
Losing Days:                                    8
Bankroll:                                   297.05$

Mainreason for having a losing month:

is this possible?!?
Kings are meant to be the Second biggest money-winning starting 
hand in No-Limit-Texas-Hold'em. 
If your Kings don't perform for a complete month it is just hard 
to turn a profit.


Little summary of my performance:

At the beginning of the month I still had to fight against a big, 
neverending downswing (that's what it felt like).

My A-Game shifted away pretty fast and my B-Game just can't compete.

I made the adjustment to not look at my graphs/cashier anymore.

This adjustment helped me to stay more focused, not get tilted as fast,
and play better in general!

Once a week I checked my graph (sundays usually) and reviewed marked
hands and my biggest losing hands.

Right now I'm happy with my game! I'm playing fairly well and am
improving at a good, healthy pace (especially mentally!)


Bankroll Booster in March


Rakeback and Promotions 36.13$

Not many good Promotions during March I could participate in. 
Still I gathered 34.13$ through rakeback on WinnerPoker and 
exactly 2$ from Jackpotland on 888Poker (Daily Lucky Tournament,
Free 10c Blast-Tickets)


Bwin R-A-D Ticket 385$

During March I got a few free Rope-A-Dope-Tickets.(11$-Tournament-
I used one of them to buy in the "Flyweight-Special 100k Gtd." which 
replaced R-A-D on that Sunday. I ranked in as 16th place for 385$. 
Great score, especially since I did not invest a single buck!
My AK lost to AQ (preflop all-in). No biggy. 
I got plenty of bad-beats late in tournaments (considering I don't play 
that many tournaments). 
The ship is close! I can feel it!


April Goals and Approach



Climb my way back to NL10

While I had to take care of my downswing during most of March (mostly
due to low volume) my attempt to get back to NL10 was never really close 
at hand.
I am well aware I won't have that much time to spend on poker in April
than I had before. Still I'm trying to work my way back up, to be in  
prime position for May, to finally get back to NL10.


Set up my homegym

Since poker and weightlifting harmonize so well together, this deserves
an own topic. In the new flat I will have my own small homegym again.
So whenever I feel bad because of poker I can just walk in my gym
and capitalize on my anger while squatting!! 
Sadly this is only going to happen in late April. Until then I have to
take a break from weightlifting.



Start an “Event-Bankroll”:

As mentioned in February recap already, I moved all my money,
but a 300$ bankroll to an extra online-bank-account.
This month I withdrew everything from there, to invest the money
in our new apartment.

Starting April first I will set aside every Penny I make through poker,
besides my original bankroll and direct winnings.(for example: rakeback,
promotions, freerolls, boni, tournament-ticket-winnings etc.)
That money will be saved to participate in some events!

My first events will be:
  1. Sunday million (at 215$)
  2. Trip to Razvadov (at 600$)
  3. WSOP side event trip + holiday (at 4,000$)
I will also play some smaller 11$ Tournaments from that event-bankroll
if I feel like it. I will write updates of the Event-Bankroll in every 
monthly Recap from now on. 
Depending on the money we will need for the new flat I might not need 
to start from scratch. April will tell!
kings chip
soon to be mine!

Other goals for April

  • finally finish the book  “The Mental Game Of Poker”
  • write one blogpost about strategy
  • play 40,000 hands
  • watch 2 training-videos per week
  • finish the new flat!

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