January 2017 Recap

January is over already. Time is moving fast. Here is a little 
Review on my personal Poker Journey for this year so far. First let's 
have a look at my graphs for January.


Graph 2.jpg

With Pokertracker off I made another 80$ Profit on 888Poker.
I am very pleased with the Volume I put in but not with the 
Winrate!. At least I'm on track for my goal to play 1 Million 
Hands (tracked) in 2017! On bwin I am almost 100$ above EV 
which is worrysome!
Winnings:                     112.90$
Winnings EV Adjusted:         28.15$
Hands total:                  123,608
Winrate(bwin only):           0,34bb/100
Winnings Days (bwin only):    18
Losing Days(bwin only):       12

Problems I had to face in January

1. Tilt -45.00$


During the end of 2016 my Mindset was good and strong. I thought 
I am far beyond the times where I tilted off Stacks without any sense. 
But this month it stroke again. 
I still didn't find out what exactly triggered me. But I remember a 
few situations where I just gifted away Stacks with nothing vs the 
(obvious!!) nuts. 
Whenever I have a low fold-to-3-bet-% I know I should just stop! 
But I continued alot of the times. At the end of January I got this 
under control again. I had a good Mindset again, but I am scared I 
will get triggered again. 
In February I will work with an early Tilt-Stop. Through Tilt I lost 
at least 9 Buy-Ins at NL4!
I'll try to stop being the Hulk at the tables!

2. Move up or not?

January was a really weird Month for me. I could not really 
establish a good Winrate at NL4, yet my Bankroll grew rapidtly 
(Rakeback Pro!). I would be hardcore overrolled for the next Limit 
already. I talked to a few people about how to approach it. First get 
a Winrate going or move up now? I know I can beat NL4! I just ran 
terrible. At that point I made the decision to give NL10 a shot for 
10 buyins. And it was great timing! I just hit a good heater and could 
carry on playing NL10.


Bankroll Boosters in January:

1. bwin Reload Bonus + Card Rush Boni worth of 141.20$

Clearing Boni on bwin gave me an additional 141.20$

2. 888Poker Treasure Quest Promotion Resulting in ~ 50.00$ profit

Through the Treasure Quest Promotion i got an additional 50$ to 
work with.This is just a guessed amount since I finshed most tasks 
without Pokertracker running.


3. Rope-A-Dope Tournament 9th place finish for 120.00$

Through the Rope-A-Dope Promotion I got a free ticked for the 11$ 
tournament and finished in 9th place.
I got 120$ which is not to bad but I was very disapointed since I was
3rd in chips with 4 Smallstacks on the (final!!)-table and probably 
overplayed a monsterdraw with 60% equity vs the chipleader. Hi ICM!

Here Is a Post I made about my last hand if you want to have a 
closer look.


4. 50/50 Deal with a friend who finished 2nd place 167.00$

Back in the days a good friend and me often times played tournaments 
together. I bought 50% of his buyin, and he bought 50% of mine. 
We have not done that in quite some time now, but January we played a 
tournament again. 1,5k Gtd. 12$ Buyin on 888Poker. I snapbusted! 
All on you buddy! He finished in 2nd place what gave both of us 167$ 


February Approach and goals.


Clearing as much of my 350$ bonus as possible

I have a 350$ bonus on bwin. To clear all of it I would have to 
play 280k hands on NL10 during February which is impossible. I focus 
the majority of my time spend on poker at bwin to clear as much as 
possible and aim to clear 60% of it. 
I will spend less time on learning/improving, In fact I will only learn 
once I hit my Tilt-Stop or during the day when i have some time off.
Evenings = Grind

Clearing 888 Treasure Quest again

January 30th Treasure Quest started over at 888Poker. 
I will finish all the Quests again and hopefully I will get a little 
more than the minimum I got the last time. Free Bucks!

Tilt-Stop approach

Nothing good ever happened after I lost 3 buyins on a single day 
in January. I want to learn from my mistakes so I am going to set a 
Tiltstop at 3 buyins for February. After I chilled for 2 hours(and got 
cooled down) I can go for an additional shot for another 2 buyins. If I
lose 5 Buy-Ins total the poker day is done and dusted! At least as a 
player. If I can get the state of my mind to a normal positive thinking 
human being again I will spend those days on improving.

Get my first 2.5 hours of Coaching

As a Micro-Stakes Grinder I don't feel like paying 60$+ for an 
hour of coaching. So I stampled upon a deal where u pretty much get 
tracked at a specific Pokersite.
Create some rake and at a given point the affiliate will give you 
coaching "for free" (well, payed by rake!). 
I thought this is a very fair offer and took a shot at it. 
I cleared it on 888Poker (which lead me to Treasure Quest!) during 
January and now I am going to get my first ever coaching session soon. 
Looking forward to it as my "coach" seems to know what he is doing.
If you are intersted in a deal like this just let me know and I can get 
you connected!

Stay on NL10!

This is my main goal. I know I won't get a shot to get up a Limit in 
February and I am glad it worked out so well in January. February the 
maingoal will be to stay at NL10. In the past whenever I moved up it 
didn't take to long until the doomhammer hit me and I had to go down 





2 thoughts on “January 2017 Recap

  1. Although I’m a MTT player myself I really enjoyed your blog!! The writing is very good and there is no lack of humor. Some of the points you made are good although I hope you implement them in your play. Would like to see you move up the ladder the tough spots you will face and the review of them will be interesting. In the small stakes there isn’t much logic involved. You definitely know enough to beat the stake, question is do you keep fighting the variance with your A game or let the emotions get to you. At the small stakes its not about beating the villain, anybody can do that, its about beating yourself. At those limits what helped me the most, and I’m talking about MTT, so maybe it doesn’t apply directly to ring games, is don’t overthink it, a lot of times you’ll be going so deep in the game and everyone is just playing stupid, you’re losing an edge by overthinking in those moments. Slow-ball and positive thinking.- good read as well. *The Power Of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman “the smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be”
    Gl and keep it up !


  2. thank you very much for your kind words and your informative comment ๐Ÿ™‚ I am reading “The mental game of Poker” at the moment, because exactly that demotivating thing keeps me back right now. I will give ur suggestion a deeper look and if i will still see tilt/demotivation as my main problem after i finsihed my book i will read “the Power Of Positive Thinking” ๐Ÿ™‚

    good luck to you, too ๐Ÿ™‚


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