888Poker’s Treasure Quest Explained, Guide to solve it and my Personal Opinion

Today was the last Day of 888Poker's very interesting Treasure Quest.
On a field of 5x5 (so 25 days for the complete field) all you had to 
do was to finish one small quest per day to win a small prize every day.
If you finished a horizontal or vertical row you got a cash-prize and 
when u were able to complete all 25 Tasks you got an even bigger 

The Daily Quests

Log-In 888 Poker Software:

Really all you had to do to finish this Quest was to Log-In the 
888Poker Software on that specific day. This was only the Quest for my 
first and second day.

Estimate Time Required: Few Seconds


Play in 1 tournament with a buyin of 1$ or higher:

Just register for a One-Dollar-Tournament (or higher), bust it and 
your mission was solved. SNAP Tournament and BLAST Tournaments were
excluded. Playerfield had to be 10 at least. Starting time of the 
tournament counted. So when you registered for a tournament that began
at 23:59 of the specific day and you won it 10 hours later, already 
deep into the next day, your mission still would be sucessful. 

Estimate Time Required: You could just afk or jam every hand to bust
and the mission would be over within seconds. Or watch a TV series 
besides, play a computer game or just grind cash/spins/sngs besides 
and take the tournament as a shot to win big and be the next Negreanu.
This could be you!

Win 10 hands at NL5 or higher:

Another quite easy task. Just open a few (or even only one) table
and grind. It does not matter at what point you win the hand. 
You could just steal the blind and it would count towards the mission.
Win a big pot at Showdown or a preflop All-In. Every won hand counted! 
Cap- or no Cap also didn't matter. (cap is less risk if you have 
a small Bankroll)

Estimate Time Required:
 -6 tabeling (maximum at 888): within 10-15 minutes!
 -1 tabeling: probably about 40 minutes

Finish a Tournament (1$ buyin or more) in the money:

Most difficult mission and you should have the right approach!
The first time i had to face this mission I didn't have a plan 
at all. I registered in alot of 1-5$ tournaments and blasted off a 
good junk of money before finally mincashing that 1$ tournament 
for a marginal ~ 1.60$. 
Well at least i finished the mission...
When I got it for the second time I spend some time on google and found 
out that Multi-Table-Sit-And-Goes count towards the mission, too.
So i registered in 4 1$ 36-man Turbo SNGs, and kept reapeating it until
I finished in the money.

Estimate Time Required:
-60-180 minutes 4 tabling

Win with 88,  AA , QJ, T9 on NL5 or 1$ SnG (for sure higher always counts!):

Simple explained, wait until you get the specific hand and jam 
preflop! You don't like Variance? OK, then lets play some poker. 
This missions are also very simple to solve but sometimes you 
have to be patient. 
At the Aces mission I had to wait forever until they finally got 
dealt to me. Since I was on a tight shedule and was already late 
for an appointment I just open shoved them from UTG and it ended 
up in a Feelgood-Moment. 
AK snapped me UTG+1 and I won 5$ + mission solved!
On the other hand with T9 I flopped a straight, got it in on the 
turn, got called by 2-Pair+FD and he beat me out on the river!
(impossible right!!!) Waiting continued >.<

Estimate Time Required: 
-6 tabling: 1-90 Minutes                   
-1 tabling: unless ur blessed by whoever you believe in 
            don't do it!

Play three Blast-Tournaments with a buyin of at least 1$

Register in three Blast tournaments, get sucked out by lucky 
donks every time, Mission solved. At least that seemed to be 
my personal approach! Well it worked.
I got the mission solved 4 times and only lost 12$! Results 
don't matter!
In the long run i will get my money back!!!!!!!!!!!asdf

Estimate Time Required: 
-3 tabling: 4 minutes (if you are lucky more)
-1 tabling: 12 minutes


Daily Quest:

80.00% : 1 x 6,000 Gtd. Pirat Prizes Tournament Ticket
13.00% : 2 x 6,000 Gtd. Pirat Prizes Tournament Ticket
 5.90% : 1$
 1.00% : 5$
 0.10% : 50$


82.00% : 5$
14.99% : 10$
 2.90% : 50$
 0.10% : 500$
 0.01% : 5,000$

All 25 Days:

87,489% : 20$
12,000% : 100$
 0,500% : 1,000$
 0,010% : 10,000$
 0,001% : 100,000$

My Conclusion

Great Job there 888! It was so much fun to mess with the Missions. 
It is a great Promotion in alot of ways!

To get a certain amount of free money is just great! In my eyes this 
is alot better than stuff alot of the other Pokerprovider offer, where 
it is like 1$ for 99,9% of the players and one lucky person gets the 
Here you get at least 70$ even if you the unluckiest person on the

888 Introduces all of their different No Limit Hold'em games to their 
players. You have to get through Cashgames, SNGs or Tournaments and 
Alot of people just stick to their Main-Game, which is OK when you 
want to improve, but alot of them did not even try the other games. 
What if they fit them better?

Do you know the biggest Secret of Sucess?
It's doing something every single day! Even if it is just a minimum 
amount of time!
If you want to be sucessful at something just do it every day even 
if it is just for a few minutes! 
888Poker did that for me for the last 25 days!

My Personal Result


Even tho all I won is the absolute minimum possible (70$ + a shitton 
of freeroll tickets... Aeh I mean 6,000 Gtd. Pirat Prizes Tournament 
Tickets) (guess I have been lucky there since I won 2 Tickets twice!) 
I am up at least 50$ thanks to that Promotion. 
Sadly I solved alot of the Missions without Pokertracker 4 running, so 
I can't post the graphs for the specific Missions. 
With the right approach for the missions from the start I could have 
won way more.

888Poker is not the Main-Site I choose to play on, but I will leave 30$ 
there and hope that this Treasure Quest will be repeated soon again! 
And 30$ is more than enough to clear the 70 free Bucks again!


Final Statement

I hope I could give you some insight how the Promotion worked, and 
showed to you that there is alot of money to be won especially for 
Micro-Grinders like me.

If you are interested in my January Recap just check this Blog out 
next week again.
Thanks for reading!

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