WHO AM I? What is this? And what is to be expected? Pokerblog 2k17! NL5 to riches!

Who am I? Some Background Informations

I'm Michael, 27 from Germany!

May it have been Soccer in my very early childhood, Basketball
+ Gaming (AOE2, WC3, SC2 mainly) in my late teens, or recently 
Weightlifting/Bodybuilding. I always  had a strong mindset and put in 
the hours required to achieve "something". 
I tend to get better than the average joe within a very short period of
time but  whenever I'm really interested in something I can just turn 
into a lunatic - grinding hour after hour, day in day out, to get better
and achieve my goals. 

Warcraft 3 – Coil Nova!
Hating to lose just gets transformed into more (positive) fire 
and keeps me rolling even harder.

Kinda growing out of Gaming and dealing with some healthissues 
which kept me from any sports but Bodybuilding (and even very reduced
there) Poker grew to my "Sport" and Hobby #1.

In Poker I had some good achievements right after the Pokerboom 
which I do not intent to mention here since they are done in a complete 
different time.

After some time (well almost a decade) away from the tables my 
fingers started to itch again in the end of last year... Which brings 
us to to the next topic.

What is this?

This is going to be my own personal Pokerblog.
I do not expect to have a big fellowship. This is just for me to 
stay honest, motivated and to damage-control since I have to justify 
myself to this blog.

Yeah, after starting poker seriously I had alot of tilt problems 
to deal with and the result of which should be common knowledge. (ouch!)

I already got a lot of better at my mental game (yeah, i read the book!) 
but this is also further prevention for future bad streaks.

What is to be expected? My personal goals

ez winnings! well played!
Currently im at NL5 6-max. My goal for the end of the year is 
to be a solid winning NL25 player, its pretty much "only" 2 limits 
to climb which is not the most ambitious of goals, considering my 
self proclaimed "top notch lurning curve" and mindset :D

This blog will be updated at least once a week. 
I will post alot of boring graphs, daily goals and the approach, 
ranges, comment on lessons I learned, hands with my own thinking 
process etc pp. Maybe I will even write educational posts since 
that will help me think even deeper on a specific subject.

Effort I will put into poker and staying healthy

  • 20-30 hours of play per week
  • reviewing tough spots, big losers, and even big winners of the session beforehand
  • watching training videos approximately 5 hours a week (sounds little but…)
  • reading every article on poker i can find online since i have alot of downtime during the day wich i cant use to play poker or watch videos
  • discussing alot of hands in a closed group of other poker players (don’t like forums to much since i had problems to filter out the value informations vs. bad information
  • setting at least 5 daily goals (not all poker related, but most of them)
  • finding one day of a week to relax and get my head away from poker, having one day of only quality time with people who mean alot to me (still i want to play at least 1k hands even on most of my off days
  • go to gym 3 times a week
  • go for alot of walks, especially between two stressful poker sessions
  • eat healthy (+ get rid of damn energy drinks)
Squat every day keeps the doctor away

Final Statements(Sorry :D)

Sorry for my bad English. I'm not a native speaker but I'm 
trying my best. And sorry for my bad blogging skills, i hope 
both can improve over time. And sorry again! this time for the 
roundabout 2 million brackets I used in this blogpost and will 
use in future updates.

If you are the one guy finding this blog AND reading until the 
end congratulations!
You just wasted all ur chances in winning the lottery in here. 
Sorry bro!

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